Year Artist Title Album Type
1987 999 Lust Power And Money Live
1990 999 The Cellblock Tapes Compilation
1993 999 You Us It! Studio
1982 Adicts Sound Of Music Studio
1987 Adicts Live And Loud!! Live
1992 Adicts 27 Studio
2004 Adicts Joker In The Pack Live
1986 Admit You’re Shit Someplace Special (12” Of A.Y.S.) Mini-LP, Studio
1992 Adverts Live And Loud!! Live
1987 Alternative TV Peep Show Studio
1988 Angelic Upstarts Live And Loud!! Live
1983 Angelic Upstarts Reason Why? Studio
1991 Angelic Upstarts Lost And Found Rarities
1992 Angelic Upstarts Greatest Hits Live Live
1982 Anti Nowhere League We Are … The League Studio
1983 Anti Nowhere League Live In Yugoslavia Live
1990 Anti Nowhere League Live And Loud!! Live
2001 Anti Nowhere League Punk Singles And Rarities 1981-84 Compilation
1981 Anti-Pasti The Last Call Studio
1982 Anti-Pasti Caution In The Wind Studio
1983 Anti-Pasti Anti-Pasti Compilation
2005 Anti-Pasti The Punk Singles Collection Compilation
1986 AOA Unlimited Genocide (1 side only) Studio
1988 AOA Satisfactory Arrangement Studio
1986 Apostles Punk Obituary Studio
1983 Attak Zombies Studio
1982 Blitz Voice Of A Generation Studio
1983 Blitz Second Empire Justice Studio
1989 Blitz The Killing Dream Studio
1997 Blitz All Out Attack Compilation
2000 Blitz The Complete Singles Collection Compilation
Unknown Blitz Rough And Ready Live
1983 Blood False Gestures For A Devious Public Studio
1985 Blood Se Parare Nex Studio Mini-LP
1991 Blood More Blood Rarities
2000 Broken Bones Without Conscience Live
1984 Business Loud Proud And Punk – Live Live
1988 Business Smash The Discos Studio
1989 Business Live And Loud!! Live
2001 Buzzcocks French Live
2002 Buzzcocks Paris – Encore Du Pain Live
1997 Chaos UK The Morning After The Night Before Studio
1998 Chaos UK Heard It, Seen It, Done It Studio
2008 Chaos UK King For A Day (Vinyl Japan Years) Compilation
1984 Chaotic Dischord New Improved Studio
1988 Chaotic Dischord You’ve Got To Be Obscene To Be Heard Studio Reissue
1986 Chaotic Dischord Goat Fuckin’ Virgin Killerz From Hell! Studio
1988 Chaotic Dischord Very Fuckin’ Bad Studio
1987 Cockney Rejects Live And Loud!! Live
2000 Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Here They Come Again) Compilation
1983 Conflict It’s Time To See Who’s Who Studio
1984 Conflict Increase The Pressure Studio
1986 Conflict Only Stupid Bastards Help EMI Studio
1986 Conflict The Ungovernable Force Studio
1987 Conflict Turning Rebellion Into Money Studio
1989 Conflict Standard Issue 82-87 Compilation
1989 Conflict Against All Odds Mini-LP, Studio
1989 Conflict The Final Conflict Studio
1993 Conflict Conclusion Studio
1993 Conflict Employing All Means Necessary Compilation
1994 Conflict In The Venue Live
1995 Conflict Standard Issue II 88-94 Compilation
1997 Conflict Deploying All Means Necessary – Issue Two Compilation
2003 Conflict There’s No Power Without Control Studio
2004 Conflict Rebellion Sucks Compilation
1980 Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables Studio
1983 Dead Man’s Shadow The 4P’s Studio
1985 Disorder Gi Faen I Nasjonalitenten Din Live
1985 Disorder Live In Oslo Live
1989 Disorder Violent World Studio
1998 Disorder Sliced Punx On Meathooks Compilation
2005 Disorder Kamikaze Studio
2005 Dumpster Pop Punch The Clown Studio
1984 Enemy Last But Not Least Studio/Live
1985 English Dogs Forward Into Battle Studio
1982 Erazerhead The Rumble Of The East Studio
1984 Erazerhead Take Me To Your Leader Studio
1994 Erazerhead Shellshocked (The Best Of…) Compilation
1985 Exit-Stance While Backs Are Turned… Studio Mini-LP
1981 Exploited Apocalypse Tour 1981 Live
1981 Exploited On Stage Live
1981 Exploited Punk’s Not Dead Studio
1982 Exploited Troops Of Tomorrow Studio
1983 Exploited Let’s Start A War… Studio
1984 Exploited Totally Exploited (Best Of) Compilation
1987 Exploited Live And Loud!! Live
1993 Exploited The Singles Collection Compilation
1982 Fits You’re Nothing, You’re Nowhere Studio
1996 GBH Live In Los Angeles 1988 Live
1994 Guitar Gangsters Power Chords For England Studio
1980 Hollywood Brats Hollywood Brats Studio
1982 Icons Of Filth Not On Her Majesty’s Service Studio
1984 Icons Of Filth Onward Christian Soldiers Studio
2005 Icons Of Filth The Mortarhate Projects Compilation
1988 Infa Riot Live And Loud!! Live
Unreleased Instant Agony Easy Does It Studio
1986 Liberty The People Who Care Are Angry Studio
1984 Lost Cherrees All Part Of Growing Up Studio
2003 Lost Cherrees In The Beginning Compilation
1989 Lurkers Live & Loud!! Live
1989 Lurkers King Of The Mountain Studio Mini-LP
1990 Lurkers Powerjive Studio
1992 Lurkers Live In Berlin Live
1987 Macc Lads Bitter, Fit Crack Studio
1991 Macc Lads 20 Golden Crates (Best Of) Compilation
1993 Macc Lads An Orifice And A Genital Compilation
1994 Macc Lads Alehouse Rock Studio
1984 Major Accident Tortured Tunes (Live – The Official Bootleg) Live
1986 Membranes Songs Of Love And Fury Studio
2000 Menace Live In Bermondsey Live
2003 Mixtwitch Smile For The Money Shot Studio
1983 One Way System All Systems Go Studio
1983 One Way System Writing On The Wall Studio
1995 One Way System The Best Of… Compilation
1996 One Way System Return In Breizh Live
2007 One Way System Singles Collection Compilation
1985 Only Alternative As Fate Would Have It Studio
1995 Outcasts Punk Singles Collection Compilation
1984 Paranoia Shattered Glass Studio
1983 Partisans Partisans Studio
1992 Partisans Police Story Compilation
1983 Patrik Fitzgerald Drifting Towards Violence Studio
1983 Patrik Fitzgerald Gifts And Telegrams Studio
1986 Patrik Fitzgerald Tunisian Twist Studio
1993 Patrik Fitzgerald Treasures From The Wax Museum Compilation
2004 Patrik Fitzgerald The Very Best Of… Compilation
1982 Peter & Test Tube Babies Pissed And Proud Studio
1985 Potential Threat Demand An Alternative Studio
1983 Red Alert We’ve Got The Power Studio
1999 Red Alert Wearside Studio
1984 Resistance 77 Thoroughbred Men Studio
1984 Riot Squad No Potential Threat Compilation
1995 Riot Squad The Complete Punk Collection Compilation
1987 Ruefrex Political Wings Studio Mini-LP
2005 Ruefrex Capital Letters – The Best Of… Compilation
1987 Ruts Live And Loud!! Live
2000 Ruts In A Rut (alias In A Can) Rarities
1987 Sham 69 Live And Loud!! Live
1988 Sham 69 Live And Loud!! Vol. 2 Live
1988 Sham 69 Sham’s Last Stand Live
1991 Sham 69 Information Libre Studio
2001 Sham 69 Greatest Hits Live Live
2002 Sham 69 Live At CBGB’s 1988 Live
1988 Skin Deep More Than Skin Deep Studio
1988 Splodgenessabounds Live And Loud!! Live
1996 Stains Songs For Swinging Losers Studio
2009 Stains Hackney Bin Liner Sessions Rarities
1988 Stiff Little Fingers Live And Loud!! Live
1992 Stiff Little Fingers Fly The Flags (Live At Brixton Academy 1991) Live
1995 Stiff Little Fingers Pure Fingers (St. Patrix: Live In Glasgow 1993) Live
1999 Stiff Little Fingers Greatest Hits Live Live
1993 Suburban Studs Slam – The Complete Studs Collection Compilation
1989 UK Subs Live And Loud!! (alias Live In Paris) Live
2000 UK Subs Riot Studio
1985 Urban Dogs No Pedigree Studio
1983 Various Artists UK/DK Original Soundtrack
1984 Various Artists Burning Ambitions – A History Of Punk Compilation
1990 Various Artists This Is The A.L.F. Compilation
1993 Various Artists Burning Ambitions – A History Of Punk Vol. 2 Compilation
1993 Various Artists Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 Live
1994 Various Artists Rot Records Punk Singles Collection Compilation
1995 Various Artists No Future: The Punk Singles Collection Volumes 1 & 2 Compilation
1995 Various Artists Rondelet Punk Singles Collection Compilation
1995 Various Artists We Won’t Take No More Compilation
1997 Various Artists Burning Ambitions – A History Of Punk Vol. 3 Compilation
1997 Various Artists Punk And Disorderly 2 (Further Charges) Compilation
1997 Various Artists Punk And Disorderly III (The Final Solution) Compilation
1997 Various Artists Holidays In The Sun (The Greatest Punk Rock Gig On The Planet … Ever!) Volume One Live
1999 Various Artists Holidays In The Sun (The Greatest Punk Rock Gig On The Planet … Ever!) Volume 2 Live
1985 Varukers Live In Holland Live
1986 Varukers Prepare For The Attack Studio
1982 Vibrators Guilty Studio
1984 Vibrators Alaska 127 Studio
1985 Vibrators Fifth Amendment Studio
1988 Vibrators Meltdown Studio
1988 Vibrators Recharged Studio
1992 Vibrators The Power Of Money (The Best Of…) Compilation
1993 Vibrators Vicious Circle Studio
1994 Vibrators Hunting For You Studio
1999 Vibrators Buzzin’ Studio
1984 Vice Squad Shot Away Studio
1988 Vice Squad Live And Loud!! Live