Albums – Classic Rock & Heavy Metal

Year Artist Title Album Type
2000 21 Guns Nothing’s Real Studio
1983 Ace Lane See You In Heaven Studio
1983 Acid Acid Studio
1985 Acid Engine Beast Studio
1983 Acid Maniac Studio
1975 Agnes Strange Strange Flavour Studio
2000 Agnes Strange Theme For A Dream Rarities
1984 Alcatrazz Live Sentence – No Parole From Rock ‘n’ Roll Live
1983 Alcatrazz No Parole From Rock ‘n’ Roll Studio
Unreleased April Wine I Like To Rock (Live In London 1981) Live
1982 August Redmoon Fools Are Never Alone Studio Mini-LP
2020 Back Street Crawler Croydon June 1975 Live
2020 Back Street Crawler Starwood Club 1976 Live
1978 Band Of Joy Band Of Joy Studio
1983 Band Of Joy 24K Studio
1977 Billion Dollar Babies Battle Axe Studio
2018 Billion Dollar Babies First Ever Live Show Flint – 1977 Live
2014 Black State Highway Black State Highway Studio
2016 Blackthorne Don’t Kill The Thrill Live
2019 Blackthorne We Won’t Be Forgotten Compilation
1987 Briar Crown Of Thorns Studio
1980 Brooklyn 20 Golden Pieces Of… Live
1974 Brooklyn Live From Madison Square Garden Live
1975 Brooklyn You Never Know What You’ll Find Studio
2017 Burnt Out Wreck Swallow Studio
1985 Chrome Molly You Can’t Have It All Studio
1981 Chrome Molly Live In Dublin Live
1987 Chrome Molly Stick It Out Studio
2012 Dave Kilminster Scarlet – The Director’s Cut Studio
2014 Dave Kilminster …And The Truth Will Set You Free Studio
1999 Dragster The Very Best Of Dragster (1979-83) Compilation
1974 Elf Carolina Country Ball (alias L.A./59) Studio
1975 Elf Trying To Burn The Sun Studio
1990 Elixir Lethal Potion Studio
2005 Elixir Live Live
2004 Elixir Sovereign Remedy Studio
2002 Extreme Noise Terror From One Extreme To Another (Live At The Fulham Greyhound London 1989) Live
1976 Fast Buck Fast Buck Studio
1972 Fraternity Flaming Galah Studio
1971 Fraternity Livestock Studio
2020 Fraternity Second Chance Studio
1981 Gaskin End Of The World Studio
2001 Gerry Laffy All Day Long Studio
2006 Gerry Laffy The Icebox Studio Sessions 2006 Studio
2013 Gerry Laffy Just A Little Blurred Studio
1990 Gerry Laffy Money And Magic Studio
2013 Gerry Laffy Wrecked But Not Crushed Studio
1994 Gerry & Simon Laffy Lying With Angels Studio
Unissued Girl Live At The Greyhound 1982 Live
Unissued Girl Live In The UK 1980 – Hammersmith & Liverpool Live
Unissued Girl Live In Tokyo Live
2004 Girlschool Believe Studio
1992 Girlschool Girlschool Studio
2008 Girlschool Legacy Studio
2002 Girlschool 21st Anniversary: Not That Innocent Studio
1987 Glasgow Zero Four One Studio
1997 Glenn Hughes A Dino In Gino – Cathouse Glasgow Live
2000 Glenn Hughes A Soulful Christmas Studio
1996 Glenn Hughes Addiction Studio
2001 Glenn Hughes Building The Machine Studio
1995 Glenn Hughes Burn In Europe (Live In Berlonge) Live
1995 Glenn Hughes Burning Japan Live Live
1995 Glenn Hughes Feel Studio
2003 Glenn Hughes Freak Flag Flyin’ Live
2000 Glenn Hughes From The Archives Vol. 1 – Incense And Peaches Compilation
Unissued Glenn Hughes Japan Unplugged Live
Unissued Glenn Hughes LA Two Live
Unissued Glenn Hughes Live In Circo Voade Rio Live
Unissued Glenn Hughes Live In Copenhagen, Denmark Live
Unissued Glenn Hughes Live In Heino, Holland 1995 Live
Unissued Glenn Hughes Live In Rome Live
Unissued Glenn Hughes Live In Rome 2003 Live
2000 Glenn Hughes Live In South America Live
Unissued Glenn Hughes Live In Sydney Live
Unissued Glenn Hughes Live In Teatro Live
Unissued Glenn Hughes Live In Verviers Live
1993 Glenn Hughes Made In Sweden (Unplugged Live In Gothenburg) Live
1977 Glenn Hughes Play Me Out Studio
2000 Glenn Hughes Return Of Crystal Karma Studio
1995 Glenn Hughes Schüttdorf And Other Stories Live
2003 Glenn Hughes Songs In The Key Of Rock Studio
1999 Glenn Hughes The Way It Is Studio
Unissued Glenn Hughes U.S. Radio Live
1977 Graham Bonnet Graham Bonnet Studio
1981 Graham Bonnet Line Up Studio
1978 Graham Bonnet No Bad Habits Studio
1996 Graham Bonnet Underground Studio
2000 Graham Bonnet The Day I Went Mad Studio
2015 Graham Bonnet Private I – The Archives Vol. 1 Compilation
Unissued Graham Bonnet Reel To Reel – The Lost Sessions Studio
unknown Heavy Metal Outlaws Totally… Compilation
1972 Hard Stuff Bulletproof Studio
1973 Hard Stuff Bolex Dementia Studio
2014 Hellion To Hellion And Back Compilation
1982 Heritage Remorse Code Studio
1988 Holosade Hellhouse Studio
Unissued Humble Pie Boston 10 April 1973 Live
Unissued Humble Pie Boston March 1974 Live
Unissued Humble Pie Dallas 1980 Live
Unissued Humble Pie Eppelheim, Germany 1974 Live
Unissued Humble Pie Gaelic Park 22 August 1972 Live
Unissued Humble Pie In Chicago 1980/1 Live
Unissued Humble Pie JB Scott’s Albany 12 March 1980 Live
Unissued Humble Pie Live At The Rainbow 1974 Live
Unissued Humble Pie Live In Japan Live
Unissued Humble Pie Palms Milwaukee 19 April 1981 Live
Unissued Humble Pie Philadelphia Spectrum 25 May 1973 Live
Unissued Humble Pie Summer Of 1974 at Charlton Athletic Live
Unissued Humble Pie Tulsa Assemble Centre 25 August 1972 Live
2013 Ian Danter Prove You Wrong Studio
2015 Ian Danter Second Time Around Studio
2014 Jack Bruce Silver Rails Studio
2015 Jettblack Disguises Studio
1976 John Cougar Mellencamp Chestnut Street Incident Studio
1977 John Cougar Mellencamp The Kid Inside Studio
2000 John Cougar Mellencamp Skin It Back Compilation
2003 Killer Broken Silence Studio
1990 Killer Fatal Attraction Studio
2005 Killer Immortal Studio
2015 Killer Monsters Of Rock Studio
1981 Killer Ready For Hell Studio
1984 Killer Shock Waves Studio
1982 Killer Wall Of Sound Studio
2015 Kyrbgrinder Chronicles Of A Dark Machine Studio
1987 Little Angels Too Posh To Mosh Studio Mini-LP
2001 Luke Morley El Gringo Retro Studio
1984 Maineeaxe Shout It Out Studio
1985 Maineeaxe Going For Gold Studio
1986 Max & The Broadway Metal Choir God Gave Us Max Studio
2002 Michael Bruce Halo Of Ice Live
1975 Michael Bruce In My Own Way Studio
1983 Michael Bruce Rock Rolls On Studio
2005 Michael Bruce The Second Coming Of … Alive & Re-Cooperated Live
1985 Mournblade Times Running Out Studio
2013 Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster Closer To Earth Studio
1991 New England (UK) You Can’t Keep Living This Way Studio
2003 New England (US) Greatest Hits Live Live
2016 New England (US) Live At The Regent Theatre Live
1998 New England (US) 1978 Rarities
1985 Oral Sex Studio Mini-LP
1995 Pat Travers Boom Boom – Live At The Diamond Live
1986 Paul DiAnno’s Battlezone Fighting Back Studio
1987 Paul DiAnno’s Battlezone Children Of Madness Studio
1988 Paul DiAnno’s Battlezone Warchild (The Best Of Battlezone) Compilation
1985 Pauline Gillan Band Hearts Of Fire Studio
2013 Paul Raymond Project Terms And Conditions Apply Studio
2013 Pig Iron Pig Iron IV Studio
1987 Raging Slab Assmaster Studio
Unissued Riot Albuqerque Live
2017 Riot Atlanta 1980 Live
2017 Riot Boston 1980 Live
2017 Riot Bristol 1980 Live
2017 Riot Castle Donington 1980 Live
2017 Riot Cleveland 1981 Live
2017 Riot Fire Down Under Era Rehearsal – Acoustic Writing Demos 1980 Rarities
Unissued Riot Hallesville Texas, 1988 Live
2017 Riot Ipswich Gaumont 1981 Live
Unissued Riot Los Angeles Live
Unissued Riot Long Island New York Live
2017 Riot Manchester Apollo 1981 Live
2017 Riot New York – Long Island 1982 Live
2017 Riot Ohio 1979 Live
2017 Riot Osaka, Japan 1990 Live
2017 Riot Redd Foxx, New Jersey 76 Live
2017 Riot Staten Island – Paramount Theater 1983 Live
Unissued Riot Wolfgang’s, San Francisco Live
2002 Rococo Hoodlum Fun Studio
2014 Rococo Losing Ground Studio
2002 Rococo The Living Rock Studio
1974 Roger Glover And Guests The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper’s Feast Studio
1985 Savage Hyperactive Studio
2014 Shakin’ Street Psychic Studio
1992 Sheer Greed Sublime To The Ridiculous Studio
1982 Shiva Firedance Studio
1972 Silverhead Silverhead Studio
1973 Silverhead 16 And Savaged Studio
1975 Silverhead Live At The Rainbow London Live
2001 Silver Mountain Breakin’ Chains Studio
1988 Silver Mountain Roses & Champagne Studio
1970 Sir Lord Baltimore Kingdom Come Studio
1971 Sir Lord Baltimore Sir Lord Baltimore Studio
2006 Sir Lord Baltimore Sir Lord Baltimore III – Raw Rarities
1986 Spider Raise The Banner Studio
1982 Spider Rock ‘N’ Roll Gypsies Studio
1984 Spider Rough Justice Studio
1971 Stack Waddy Stack Waddy Studio
1972 Stack Waddy Bugger Off! Studio
1987 Strangeways Native Sons Studio
1985 Strangeways Strangeways Studio
1989 Strangeways Walk In The Fire Studio
1973 Stray Dog Stray Dog Studio
1974 Stray Dog While You’re Down There Studio
1990 Todd Rundgren Live At The Warfield 10th March 1990 Live
1993 Todd Rundgren No World Order Studio
1995 Todd Rundgren The Individualist Studio
1997 Todd Rundgren With A Twist… Studio
2000 Todd Rundgren One Long Year Studio
2002 Todd Rundgren Live At The Forum – London 1994 Live
2015 Todd Rundgren Live At Old Waldorf San Francisco 1978 Live
1983 Tokyo Blade Tokyo Blade Studio
1984 Tokyo Blade Midnight Rendezvous Studio
1984 Tokyo Blade Night Of The Blade Studio
1984 Tokyo Blade Warrior Of The Rising Sun Compilation
1985 Tokyo Blade Madame Guillotine Studio Mini-LP
1986 Tokyo Blade Blackhearts & Jaded Spades Studio
1987 Tokyo Blade Ain’t Misbehavin’… Studio
1989 Tokyo Blade No Remorse Studio
1995 Tokyo Blade Burning Down Paradise Studio
1998 Tokyo Blade Mr Ice Studio
1985 Tormé Back To Babylon Studio
1995 Trapeze High Flyers (The Best Of…) Compilation
2003 Trapeze Live At The Boat Club 1975 Live
1970 Trapeze Medusa Studio
1970 Trapeze Trapeze Studio
1998 Trapeze Welcome To The Real World (Live At The Borderline 1992) Live
1972 Trapeze You Are The Music … We’re Just The Band Studio
1973 Tucky Buzzard Buzzard Studio
1973 Tucky Buzzard Allright On The Night Studio
1987 Tygers Of Pan Tang Burning In The Shade Studio
2017 Warrior Warrior Rarities
1980 Witchfynde Give ‘Em Hell Studio
1980 Witchfynde Stagefright Studio
1983 Witchfynde Cloak & Dagger Studio
2003 Witchfynde The Best Of Witchfynde Compilation