Title Album Type Indie Chart UK Chart
Oceans Studio Mini-LP
One Afternoon In A Hot Air Balloon Studio 15
Into The Garden (An Artery Collection) Compilation
Sawdust And Empire Studio
Ranting At The Nation Studio 12
Khamu (She Sleep Walks) Studio
Zouave Studio
Play Masenko Combo Studio
Les Invisibles Compilation
Karadara (The Cream Of…) Compilation
Recorded Live At The Gallery Club, Manchester, 18th December 1982 Live
Splash Studio
77 – Early Years – 79 Compilation 6
Are You Are Missing Winner Studio
Austurbæjarbíó – Reykjavík Live 1983 Live
Backdrop Rarities
Cerebral Caustic Studio
Dragnet Studio
Ersatz GB Studio
Hex Enduction Hour Studio 2
Imperial Wax Solvent Studio
In A Hole Live
Infotainment Scan Studio
Interim – Rehearsals And Live Rarities
Last Night At The Palais – live at Hammersmith Palais, April 1st 2007 Live
Live At The Witch Trials Studio
Live At The Garage – London – 20 April 2002 Live
Live At The Knitting Factory – L.A. – 14 November 2001 Live
Live At The Knitting Factory – New York – 9 April 2004 Live
Live From The Vaults – Alter Banhof, Hof, Germany Live
Live From The Vaults – Glasgow 1981 Live
Live From The Vaults – Los Angeles 1979 Live
Live From The Vaults – Oldham 1978 Live
Live From The Vaults – Retford 1979 Live
Live In Cambridge 1988 Live
Live In London 1980 Live 7
Live To Air In Melbourne ’82 Live
Liverpool 78 Live
Middle Class Revolt Studio
Nottingham ’92 Live
Palace Of Swords Reversed Compilation
Reformation! Post TLC Studio
Re-Mit Studio
Room To Live Studio 4
Sub-Lingual Tablet Studio
The Unutterable Studio
The “Twenty-Seven Points” Live
Totale’s Turns (It’s Now Or Never) Studio 1
Touch Sensitive … Bootleg Box Set Live
UUROP VIII-XII Places in Sun & Winter, Son Live
Live In Zagreb Live
Nine Months To The Disco Studio 8
Put Me On The Guest List Studio 16
Dreams Interrupted: The Bewilderbeat Years 1978-1980 Compilation
The Porlock Factor (1985-1990) Rarities
Pleasure Studio 2
Fire From Heaven Studio
Jah Wobble’s Bedroom Album Studio
The Early Years Compilation
Psalms Studio
Without Judgement Studio
Thunderhead Studio Mini-LP 6
Snappy Turns Studio
The Glitterhouse Studio
Back Catalogue: The Virgin Mary Versus Peter Sellers Compilation
Crack House Studio Mini-LP
Giant Studio
Kiss Ass… Godhead! Studio
Pulp Beating 1984 And All That Compilation
Songs Of Love And Fury Studio
The Best Of… Compilation
The Gift Of Life Studio 15
To Slay The Rock Pig Studio
 Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Compilation
The Werewolf Of London Studio
Feels Like Dancing Wartime Studio Mini-LP
Pigs On Purpose Studio 15
Hysterics Studio 20
A Day In The Life Of Gilbert & George Compilation
The Attrix Collection Compilation
Laughing Academy Studio
7 Studio 12
Revolution By Numbers Compilation
Gigantic Days Compilation
Slugs And Toads Studio
Epic Garden Music Studio 21
Feeding The Flame Studio
In The Breeze Compilation
Total Sound Studio
The Mirror Test Studio
Les Années Vertes Compilation
Headland Studio
Treehouse Poetry Studio
E-mail From Eternity Compilation
The Revolution Starts At Closing Time Studio 4
They May Be Drinkers Robin, But They’re Also Human Beings Studio 16
History Compilation 10
Spizz Not Dead Shock! (1978-1988 A Decade Of Spizz History) Compilation
5 Against The House Studio
Aria Of The Devil Studio
He Who Dares Wins (Live at the Warehouse Leeds) Live 1
He Who Dares Wins (Live in Berlin) Live 3
Original Sin – Live Live 12
Revolution Compilation 1 67
Westworld Studio 17
And We Call That Leisure Time Studio
Channel Five Studio
A Thin Red Line Studio
Snakes And Ladders Compilation
Cutting The Heavenly Lawn Of Greatness Studio 4
When I Am A Big Girl Studio 22