Cherry Red acquire Chris Squire’s first solo album ‘Fish Out Of Water’

To Prog Rock fans, bassist Chris Squire needs no introduction – he co-founded the legendary Yes in 1968 and played on every one of their studio albums up until 2014.

Rights to Chris’s first solo album, Fish Out Of Water (first issued on Atlantic in 1975), now reside with Cherry Red Records.

Boasting various prog and jazz alumni (Bill BrufordPatrick MorazMel Collins), the LP reached No. 25 in the UK charts and No. 69 in the US. It has never been reissued on vinyl.

Click here to download Cherry Red’s Licensing Catalogue

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Albums – Progressive Rock

Year Artist Title Album Type Indie Chart UK Chart
1972 9.30 Fly 9.30 Fly Studio
2017 Acqua Fragile A New Chant Studio
2014 Anthony Patterson & Brendan Eyre Northlands Studio
1981 Anthony Phillips 1984 Studio
1985 Anthony Phillips Ahead Of The Field Studio
2005 Anthony Phillips Field Day Studio
1989 Anthony Phillips Missing Links Vol. 1: Finger Painting Compilation
1994 Anthony Phillips Missing Links Vol. 2: The Skye Road Compilation
1978 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces Studio
1980 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces II: Back To The Pavilion Studio
1982 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces III: Antiques Studio
1984 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces IV: A Catch At The Tables Studio
1996 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces IX: Dragonfly Dreams Studio
1984 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces V: Twelve Studio
1986 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces VI: Ivory Moon Studio
1987 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces VII: Slow Waves, Soft Stars Studio
1992 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces VIII: New England Studio
1999 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces X: Soiree Studio
2012 Anthony Phillips Private Parts & Pieces XI: City Of Dreams Studio
2003 Anthony Phillips Radio Clyde Live
1994 Anthony Phillips Sail The World Studio
2012 Anthony Phillips Seventh Heaven Studio
1979 Anthony Phillips Sides Studio
1990 Anthony Phillips Slow Dance Studio
1995 Anthony Phillips The “Living Room” Concert Live
1998 Anthony Phillips The Archive Collection Vol. 1 Compilation
2004 Anthony Phillips The Archive Collection Vol. 2 Compilation
1977 Anthony Phillips The Geese And The Ghost Studio
1978 Anthony Phillips Wise After The Event Studio
2009 Anthony Phillips Missing Links Vol. 4: Pathways & Promenades Compilation
1997 Anthony Phillips & Joji Hirota Missing Links Vol. 3: Time And Tide Compilation
2007 Anthony Phillips & Joji Hirota Wildlife Compilation
1983 Anthony Phillips Band Invisible Men Studio
2011 Armada Beyond The Morning Rarities
1970 Armaggedon Armaggedon Studio
1982 Arthur Brown Brown, Black and Blue Studio
1977 Arthur Brown Chisholm In My Bosom Studio
1975 Arthur Brown Dance With Arthur Brown Studio
2012 Arthur Brown Live At High Voltage Live
1982 Arthur Brown Requiem Studio
1993 Arthur Brown Speak No Tech Studio
2007 Arthur Brown (Amazing World Of…) The Voice Of Love Studio
1968 Arthur Brown (Crazy World Of…) Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (NB: North America only) Studio
1988 Arthur Brown (Crazy World Of…) Strange Lands Studio
2000 Arthur Brown (Crazy World Of…) Tantric Lover Studio
2003 Arthur Brown (Crazy World Of…) Vampire Suite Studio
1971 Arthur Brown/Kingdom Come Galactic Zoo Dossier Studio
1995 Arthur Brown/Kingdom Come Jam Studio
1973 Arthur Brown/Kingdom Come Journey Studio
1972 Arthur Brown/Kingdom Come Kingdom Come Studio
1979 Arthur Brown/Richard Wahnfried Time Actor Studio
2012 Arthur Brown/Rick Patten The Magic Hat Studio
1979 Arthur Brown/Vincent Crane Faster Than The Speed Of Light Studio
2008 Asia Phoenix
1969 Audience Audience Studio
1975 Banco Banco Studio
1989 Bankstatement Bankstatement Studio
1972 Barclay James Harvest Baby James Harvest Studio
1970 Barclay James Harvest Barclay James Harvest Studio
1971 Barclay James Harvest Barclay James Harvest And Other Short Stories Studio
1972 Barclay James Harvest Early Morning Onwards Compilation
1971 Barclay James Harvest Once Again Studio
2008 Billy Sherwood At The Speed Of Life… Studio
2014 Billy Sherwood Divided By One/Collection Studio
2003 Billy Sherwood No Comment Studio
2010 Billy Sherwood Oneirology Studio
1999 Billy Sherwood The Big Peace Studio
2011 Billy Sherwood What Was The Question? Studio
2016 Billy Sherwood & Tony Kaye Live In Japan Live
1970 Blonde On Blonde Rebirth Studio
1971 Blonde On Blonde Reflections On A Life Studio
1971 Blue Beard Blue Beard Studio
1981 Bodast The Bodast Tapes Rarities
1972 Bond & Brown Two Heads Are Better Than One Studio
1986 Cavaliers A Perfect Action (English Cricket) Studio
1971 Chillum Chillum Studio
1975 Chris Squire Fish Out Of Water Studio
2011 Chris Thompson Acoustic Studio
1998 Chris Thompson Backtrack 1980-1994 Compilation
2011 Chris Thompson Berlin Live Live
2014 Chris Thompson Toys & Dishes Studio
2005 Cousins And Conrad High Seas Studio
1971 Curved Air Air Conditioning
1973 Curved Air Air Cut
2016 Curved Air Curved Space & Infinity (Rarities Series Volume 2) Compilation
2012 Curved Air Live Atmosphere Live
2014 Curved Air North Star Studio
1972 Curved Air Phantasmagoria
1971 Curved Air Second Album
2016 Curved Air Tapestry Of Propositions (Rarities Series Volume 1) Live
2014 Darryl Way Children Of The Cosmos Studio
2016 Darryl Way Myths, Legends & Tales Studio
2013 Darryl Way Ultra Violins Studio
1984 Dave Brock Earthed To The Ground Studio 17
2012 Dave Brock Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams Studio
2001 Dave Brock Memos And Demos Rarities
Unknown Dave Brock Rarities Rarities
1995 Dave Brock Strange Trips And Pipe Dreams Studio
1988 Dave Brock & Agents Of Chaos The Agents Of Chaos Studio
2007 Dave Cousins The Boy In The Sailor Suit Studio
2008 Dave Cousins Duochrome Studio
2015 Dave Cousins Moving Pictures Live
2008 Dave Cousins Secret Paths Studio
1972 Dave Cousins Two Weeks Last Summer Studio
1979 Dave Cousins & Brian Willoughby Old School Songs Studio
2004 Dave Lambert Work In Progress Studio
1976 Dave Greenslade Cactus Choir Studio
1972 David Bedford Nurses Song With Elephants Studio
1972 Day Of Phoenix The Neighbour’s Son Studio
1970 Day Of Phoenix Wide Open N-Way Studio
1971 Deep Feeling Deep Feeling Studio
2014 District 97 & John Wetton One More Red Night: Live In Chicago Live
1973 Duffy Scruffy Duffy Studio
2003 Emerson, Lake and Powell The Sprocket Sessions (An Official Bootleg) Live
2016 Enid Something Wicked This Way Comes Live
1968 Eyes Of Blue Crossroads Of Time Studio
1969 Eyes Of Blue In Fields Of Ardath Studio
1971 Fields Fields Studio
1978 FM Black Noise Studio
1980 FM City Of Fear Studio
1977 FM Direct To Disc Studio
1979 FM Surveillance Studio
2015 FM Transformation Studio
2017 Focus The Focus Family Album Compilation
2012 Focus X Studio
2012 Focus And Friends Focus 8.5 / Beyond The Horizon Studio
1971 Fuchsia Fuchsia Studio
1985 Gary Brooker Echoes In The Night (Europe ex-UK) Studio
1982 Gary Brooker Lead Me To The Water (Europe ex-UK) Studio
1979 Gary Brooker No More Fear of Flying Studio
1996 Gary Brooker Within Our House Studio
2015 Geoffrey Richardson The Garden Of Love Studio
2001 Gilli Smyth It’s All A Dream Studio
1982 Gilli Smyth Live In USA 79 Live
1978 Gilli Smyth Mother Studio
2012 Gilli Smyth Paradise Studio
1993 Gilli Smyth of Mother Gong Every Witches Way Compilation
1979 Gordon Giltrap The Peacock Party Studio
2013 Gordon Giltrap & Oliver Wakeman Ravens And Lullabies Studio
1982 Gordon Giltrap Band Airwaves Studio
1973 Greenslade Bedside Manners Are Extra Studio
1973 Greenslade Greenslade Studio
1974 Greenslade Spyglass Guest Studio 34
1975 Greenslade Time And Tide Studio
2010 Greg Lake From The Underground Volume 2: Deeper Into The Mine Live
1998 Greg Lake From The Underground: The Official Bootleg Live
1981 Greg Lake Greg Lake Studio
2006 Greg Lake Live 2006 Live
1995 Greg Lake Live From King Biscuit Flower Hour Live
1983 Greg Lake Manoeuvres Studio
2013 Greg Lake Songs Of A Lifetime Live
2015 Greg Lake & Geoff Downes Ride The Tiger Studio
1986 GTR GTR Studio
1997 GTR Live At The Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles Live
2016 Gunhill Nightheat / One Over The Eight Studio
1974 Hanson Magic Dragon Studio
1973 Hanson Now Hear This Studio
1971 Hardin & York For The World Studio
1974 Hardin & York Hardin & York With Charlie McKracken Studio
1994 Hardin & York Live At The Marquee (1971) Live
1970 Hardin & York The World’s Smallest Big Band Studio/Live
1969 Hardin & York Tomorrow, Today Studio
2010 Harvey Bainbridge Dreams, Omens & Strange Encounters Studio
1978 Hawklords 25 Years On Studio
1992 Hawklords Live ’78 Live
1995 Hawkwind Alien 4 Studio
1986 Hawkwind Anthology Vol 3 Compilation
1986 Hawkwind Anthology Vol II Compilation
1976 Hawkwind Astonishing Sounds, Amazing Music Studio
2018 Hawkwind At The Roundhouse Live
1992 Hawkwind California Brainstorm Live
1982 Hawkwind Choose Your Masques Studio
1997 Hawkwind Distant Horizons Studio
1992 Hawkwind Electric Tepee Studio
1982 Hawkwind Friends And Relations Studio 10
1995 Hawkwind Friends And Relations – The Rarities Rarities
1995 Hawkwind Independence Days – Volumes 1 and 2 Rarities
1984 Hawkwind Independent Days 10″ Mini-LP Compilation 6
2017 Hawkwind Into The Woods Studio
1993 Hawkwind It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous Studio
1980 Hawkwind Levitation Studio
1986 Hawkwind Live Chronicles Live
1980 Hawkwind Live Seventy Nine Live
1996 Hawkwind Love In Space Studio
1992 Hawkwind Mighty Hawkwind Classics 1980-1985 Compilation
1987 Hawkwind Out And Intake Studio
1991 Hawkwind Palace Springs Live, Studio
1979 Hawkwind PXR5 Studio
1977 Hawkwind Quark Strangeness And Charm Studio
1980 Hawkwind Repeat Performance Compilation
1981 Hawkwind Sonic Attack Studio
1990 Hawkwind Space Bandits Studio
1994 Hawkwind The Business Trip (Live) Live
1985 Hawkwind The Chronicle Of The Black Sword Studio
1982 Hawkwind The Church Of Hawkwind Studio
2016 Hawkwind The Machine Stops Studio
1988 Hawkwind The Xenon Codex Studio
1984 Hawkwind This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic/Stonehenge Live 12
1995 Hawkwind Undisclosed Files – Addendum Live
1975 Hawkwind Warrior On The Edge Of Time Studio
1983 Hawkwind Zones Studio 3
2009 Icon (Wetton-Downes) Urban Psalm – Live Live
1985 Inner City Unit The President’s Tapes Studio
1973 Ithaca A Game For All Who Know Studio
1979 Jack-Knife I Wish You Would Studio
2010 Jan Dukes De Grey Strange Terrain Rarities
2012 John Lawton & Diana Express The Power Of Mind Studio
1977 John Lees A Major Fancy Studio
2007 John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest Live At The Shepherds Bush Empire 2006 Live
2013 John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest North Studio
1976 John Lodge Natural Avenue Studio
2015 John Wetton Live Via Satellite Live
2016 John Wetton The Official Bootleg Archive Vol. 1 Compilation
2015 John Wetton The Studio Recordings Anthology Compilation
2015 John Wetton & Les Paul Trio New York Minute Live
1998 John Wetton & Richard Palmer-Jones Monkey Business (1972-1997) Compilation
1982 Jon Lord Before I Forget Studio
1974 Keith Christmas Brighter Day Studio
1976 Keith Christmas Songs From A Human Zoo Studio
2005 Keith Emerson At The Movies Compilation
1995 Keith Emerson Changing States Studio
2002 Keith Emerson Emerson Plays Emerson Studio
1981 Keith Emerson Honky Studio
2006 Keith Emerson Off The Shelf Studio
2015 Keith Emerson Trio Keith Emerson Trio Mini-Album
2013 Ken Hensley Live Tales Live
2012 Ken Hensley Love And Other Mysteries Studio
2013 Ken Hensley & Live Fire Live!! Live
2007 Lambert Cronk Touch The Earth Studio
2002 Liquorice John Death Ain’t Nothin’ To Get Excited About Studio
2007 Maestoso Caterwauling Studio
1977 Man All’s Well That Ends Well Live
1995 Man Call Down The Moon Studio
1983 Man Friday 13th (Live At The Marquee) Live
1995 Man Live At Glastonbury 1994 Live
2015 Man Reanimated Memories Studio
1993 Man The Twang Dynasty Studio
1976 Man Welsh Connection Studio
2016 Martin Turner New Live Dates: The Complete Set Live
2016 Martin Turner The Life Begins Tour (Live At The Y Theatre, Leicester 2010) Live
2015 Martin Turner Written In The Stars Studio
2012 Martin Turner & Friends The Garden Party: A Celebration Of Wishbone Ash Music Live
2011 Matthews Southern Comfort Kind Of New Studio
1975 Michael Moorcock & Deep Fix The New World’s Fair Studio
1994 Mike Pinder Among The Stars Studio
1976 Mike Pinder The Promise Studio
2007 Mothergong O Amsterdam Live
1970 Murphy Blend First Loss Studio
2014 Nick Magnus N’monix Studio
1969 Nirvana Black Flower (alias To Markos III) Studio
1999 Nirvana Chemistry Compilation
1971 Nirvana Local Anaesthetic Studio
1996 Nirvana Orange And Blue Studio
1995 Nirvana Secret Theatre Studio
1972 Nirvana Songs Of Love And Praise Studio
2001 Oliver Wakeman with Steve Howe The 3 Ages Of Magick Studio
1971 Open Road Windy Daze Studio
1972 Out Of Focus Four Letter Monday Afternoon Studio
1971 Out Of Focus Out Of Focus Studio
1970 Out Of Focus Wake Up! Studio
1976 P.F.M. Chocolate Kings Studio
1974 P.F.M. Cook Live
1977 P.F.M. Jet Lag Studio
1973 P.F.M. Photos Of Ghosts Studio
1974 P.F.M. The World Became The World Studio
1973 Patrick Campbell-Lyons Me And My Friend Studio
2010 Patrick Campbell-Lyons The 13 Dali’s Studio
1982 Patrick Campbell-Lyons The Hero I Might Have Been Studio
1971 Patto Hold Your Fire Studio
1995 Patto Monkey’s Bum Rarities
1970 Patto Patto Studio
1972 Patto Roll ‘Em Smoke ‘Em Put Another Line Out Studio
1973 Pete Brown The “Not Forgotten” Association Studio
1991 Pete Brown & Phil Ryan Ardours Of The Lost Rake Studio
1993 Pete Brown & Phil Ryan Coals To Jerusalem Studio
1973 Pete Sinfield Still Studio
2014 Peter Hammill/Gary Lucas Other World Studio
2000 Pierre Van Der Linden Drum Poetry Studio
1971 Procol Harum Broken Barricades Studio
1974 Procol Harum Exotic Birds And Fruit Studio
1973 Procol Harum Grand Hotel Studio
2008 Procol Harum In Concert With The Danish National Concert Orchestra & Choir Live
2004 Procol Harum Live At The Union Chapel Live
1972 Procol Harum Live In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Live
2010 Procol Harum MMX Live
2005 Procol Harum One More Time – Live in Utrecht, Netherlands 13 February 1992 Live
1975 Procol Harum Procol’s Ninth Studio
2014 Procol Harum Some Long Road Live
1977 Procol Harum Something Magic Studio
2003 Procol Harum The Well’s On Fire Studio
1995 Psychedelic Warriors White Zone Studio
1975 Ray Thomas From Mighty Oaks Studio
1976 Ray Thomas Hopes, Wishes And Dreams Studio
1978 Renaissance A Song For All Seasons Studio 35
1979 Renaissance Azure d’Or Studio 73
1975 Renaissance Live at Carnegie Hall Live
1977 Renaissance Novella Studio
1975 Renaissance Scheherazade And Other Stories Studio
1990 Renaissance Tales of 1001 Nights, Vol. I Compilation
1990 Renaissance Tales of 1001 Nights, Vol. II Compilation
1974 Renaissance Turn Of The Cards Studio
2016 Richard Palmer-James Takeaway Studio
1991 Rick Wakeman 2000A.D. Into The Future Studio
1995 Rick Wakeman Almost Live In Europe Live
2010 Rick Wakeman Always With You Compilation
Unreleased Rick Wakeman Art In Music Trilogy Studio
1996 Rick Wakeman Fields Of Green Studio
Unreleased Rick Wakeman Live In Lugano Live
2010 Rick Wakeman Past, Present And Future Compilation
1992 Rick Wakeman Phantom Power Studio
1991 Rick Wakeman Softsword (King John And The Magna Charter) Studio
1999 Rick Wakeman The Official Live Bootleg Live
1997 Rick Wakeman Tribute (World ex. UK) Studio
Unknown Rick Wakeman Wakeman With Wakeman (World ex. UK) Studio
1999 Rick Wakeman White Rock II Studio
2012 Rick Wakeman & New English Rock Ensemble In The Nick Of Time (Live In 2003) Live
2001 Rick Wakeman & New English Rock Ensemble Out Of The Blue Live
2003 Rick Wakeman & New English Rock Ensemble Out There Studio
1971 Samurai Samurai Studio
1971 Second Hand Death May Be Your Santa Claus Studio
1969 Second Hand Reality Studio
1977 SFF Sunburst Studio
1976 SFF Symphonic Pictures Studio
1979 SFF Ticket To Everywhere Studio
1984 Sky Cadmium Studio
1983 Sky Five Live Live
1987 Sky Mozart Studio
1979 Sky Sky Studio
1980 Sky Sky 2 Studio
1981 Sky Sky 3 Studio
1982 Sky Sky 4: Forthcoming Studio
1985 Sky The Great Balloon Race Studio
1975 Soft Machine Bundles Studio
1976 Soft Machine Softs Studio
1978 Soft Machine Alive And Well Recorded In Paris Live
1981 Soft Machine Land Of Cockayne Studio
2013 Soft Machine Legacy Burden Of Proof Studio
2016 Son Of Man Son Of Man Studio
1995 Spencer Davis Group Catch You On The Rebop (Live In Europe ’73) Live
1973 Spencer Davis Group Gluggo Studio
1974 Spencer Davis Group Living In A Back Street Studio
1972 Sphincter Ensemble Harrodian Event #1 Studio
2012 Squackett A Life Within A Day Studio
2016 Steve Hackett Blues With A Feeling Studio
1998 Steve Hackett The Tokyo Tapes Live
2017 Steve Hackett & Djabe Life Is A Journey – The Sardinia Tapes Live
2013 Steve Hackett & Djabe Summer Storms & Rocking Rivers Studio
2010 Strawbs 40th Anniversary Celebration Vol 1: Strawberry Fayre Live
2010 Strawbs 40th Anniversary Celebration Vol 2: Wakeman & Cousins Live
2011 Strawbs Acoustic Gold Studio
2006 Strawbs A Taste of Strawbs Compilation
2001 Strawbs Baroque & Roll Studio
2003 Strawbs Blue Angel Studio
2008 Strawbs The Broken Hearted Bride Studio
1977 Strawbs Burning For You Studio
2009 Strawbs Dancing To The Devil’s Beat Studio
1976 Strawbs Deadlines Studio
1978 Strawbs Deep Cuts Studio
2004 Strawbs Déjà Fou Studio
2017 Strawbs The Ferryman’s Curse Studio
1995 Strawbs Heartbreak Hill Studio
2011 Strawbs Hero & Heroine In Ascencia Studio
2017 Strawbs Live In Gettysburg Live
2005 Strawbs Live At Nearfest 2004 Live
2007 Strawbs NY ’75 Live
2007 Strawbs Of A Time Live
2006 Strawbs Painted Sky Studio
2014 Strawbs Preserves Uncanned Rarities
2014 Strawbs Prognostic Studio
2006 Strawbs Recollection Rarities
1969 Strawbs Sampler Rarities
1995 Strictly Inc. Strictly Inc. Studio
2014 Swung Vol. 1 & 2 Studio
1971 Tangerine Dream Alpha Centauri Studio
1973 Tangerine Dream Atem Studio
1995 Tangerine Dream Book Of Dreams Compilation
Unreleased Tangerine Dream Circus – Krone-Bau, Munich – Live 1976 Live
1970 Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation Studio
1986 Tangerine Dream Green Desert Rarities
Unreleased Tangerine Dream Hammersmith Odeon – Live 1978 Live
1985 Tangerine Dream Le Parc Studio
2007 Tangerine Dream Live At Coventry Cathedral 1975 Live
2005 Tangerine Dream Live Brighton March 25th 1986 Live
2006 Tangerine Dream Live Detroit March 31st 1977 Live
1988 Tangerine Dream Live Miles (Albuquerque/Berlin) Live
1980 Tangerine Dream Pergamon (alias Quichotte) Live
1984 Tangerine Dream Poland (The Warsaw Concert) Live
1992 Tangerine Dream Reims – Cathedral Notre Dame – Live 1974 (alias Live! Improvised!) Live
Unreleased Tangerine Dream Royal Albert Hall – Live 1979 Live
1999 Tangerine Dream Sohoman – Live In Sydney 1982 Live
1979 Tangerine Dream Sorcerer (Original Soundtrack) Studio
1998 Tangerine Dream The Best Of The Blue Years Compilation
1998 Tangerine Dream The Best Of The Pink Years Compilation
2003 Tangerine Dream The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1 Live
2004 Tangerine Dream The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 2 Live
1996 Tangerine Dream The Dream Roots Collection Compilation
1987 Tangerine Dream Tyger Studio
1986 Tangerine Dream Underwater Sunlight Studio
Unreleased Tangerine Dream York Minster Catherdral – Live 1975 Live
1972 Tangerine Dream Zeit Studio
1975 Thee Image Inside The Triangle Studio
1975 Thee Image Thee Image Studio
2015 Theo Travis’ Double Talk Transgression Studio
2013 Thijs Van Leer The Home Concert Live
1969 Third Ear Band Alchemy Studio
1972 Third Ear Band Music From Macbeth Studio
1970 Third Ear Band Third Ear Band Studio 49
1978 Tim Blake Blake’s New Jerusalem Studio
2002 Tim Blake Caldea Music 2 Studio
1977 Tim Blake Crystal Machine Studio
Unknown Tim Blake Forgotten Tapes Compilation
2006 Tim Blake Live in Exeter 2006 Live
1991 Tim Blake Magick Studio
2012 Tim Blake Noggi ‘Tar :  66 Years Studio
2001 Tim Blake The Tide Of The Century Studio
2006 Tim Blake The Tide Of The Century – Live Amsterdam 2006 Live
1979 Tim Blake Waterfalls in Space Studio
1979 Tony Banks A Curious Feeling Studio
1986 Tony Banks Soundtracks Studio
1991 Tony Banks Still Studio
1983 Tony Banks The Fugitive Studio
2014 Tony Patterson & Brendan Eyre Northlands Studio
1969 Touch Touch Studio
1974 Unicorn Blue Pine Trees Studio
1977 Unicorn One More Tomorrow Studio
1976 Unicorn Too Many Crooks Studio
2001 Uriah Heep Future Echoes Of The Past – The Legend Continues Live
1989 Uriah Heep Raging Through The Silence (Twentieth Anniversary Concert) Live
1995 Uriah Heep Sea Of Light Studio
1998 Uriah Heep Sonic Origami Studio
1996 Uriah Heep Spellbinder Live
2015 Uriah Heep Totally Driven Compilation
1983 Utopia Oblivion Studio
1985 Utopia POV Studio
2000 Utopia Redux ’92: Live In Japan Live
1986 Utopia Trivia Compilation
2011 Van Der Graaf Generator A Grounding In Numbers Studio
2012 Van Der Graaf Generator Alt Studio
2016 Van Der Graaf Generator Do Not Disturb Studio
2015 Van Der Graaf Generator Merlin In Atmos Live
2008 Various Artists A Saucerful Of Pink: A Tribute To Pink Floyd Tribute Album
2012 Various Artists The Prog Collective Studio
2002 Wakeman & Cousins Hummingbird Studio
2005 Wakeman & Cousins Live Live
1968 Web Fully Interlocking Studio
1970 Web I Spider Studio
1969 Web Theraphosa Blondi Studio
2003 Woolly Wolstenholme Black Box Recovered Rarities
2007 Woolly Wolstenholme Caterwauling Studio
2005 Woolly Wolstenholme Fiddling Meanly (Live At The Mean Fiddler) Live
2006 Woolly Wolstenholme Grim Studio
1980 Woolly Wolstenholme Maestoso Studio
2004 Woolly Wolstenholme One Drop In A Dry World Studio
2009 Woolly Wolstenholme & Maestoso Uneasy Listening Compilation
2012 XPT’s Parachute Reborn Studio
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Promo & Live Videos – Rock

Artist Video Title
Agent Steel Never Surrender
Agent Steel The Ripper
Atom Kraft Tutonic Pain
Atom Kraft Demolition
Candlestick Park All The Time In The World
Chevalier Brothers The Joint Is Jumping
Enid, The Then There Were None
Enid, The Something Wicked This Way
Bruce Foxton Band, The This Is The Way
Bruce Foxton Band, The Play This Game To Win
Hawkwind Silver Machine
Hawkwind Needlegun
Hawkwind Zarozinia
Hawkwind Brainstorm
Hawkwind Hurry On Sundown
Inner City Unit Blood And Bone
Inner City Unit Help Sharks
Nuclear Assault Radiation Sickness
Paradise Lost Deadly Inner Sense
Torme Star
Nik Turner Master Of The Universe
Nik Turner Silver Machine
Tygers Of Pantang The Waiting
Warfare This Machine Kills (master and publishing)
Warfare Generator
Link Wray Rumble
Link Wray Jack The Ripper
Link Wray Ace Of Spades
Link Wray Rawhide
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Tracks – Alternative Rock & Pop

Year Of Release Artist Song title UK Indie Chart # UK  Chart #
1979 Barracudas I Want My Woody Back
1982 Barracudas Inside Mind
1983 Barracudas Next Time Around
1984 Barracudas Stolen Heart
1989 Blyth Power Better To Bat
1985 Blyth Power Chevy Chase 11
1988 Blyth Power Goodbye To All That
1987 Blyth Power Ixion 12
1986 Blyth Power Junction Signal 18
1988 Blyth Power Up From The Country
1989 Buzzcocks F.O.C Tomorrow’s Sunset
1979 Clive Langer & The Boxes I Want The Whole World (maxi-EP)
1979 Clive Langer & The Boxes The Whole World
1983 Darkness & Jive Furnace/ Guys & Dolls 39
1979 Destroy All Monsters Bored
1979 Destroy All Monsters Meet The Creeper
1979 Destroy All Monsters Nobody Knows
1993 Die Cheerleader 69 Hayloft Action
1992 Die Cheerleader D.C. EP
1993 Die Cheerleader Saturation
1998 Diesel Park West Love It
1994 Dinosaur Jr. Feel The Pain 25
1992 Dinosaur Jr. Get Me 44
1995 Dinosaur Jr. I Don’t Think So 67
1993 Dinosaur Jr. Out There 44
1993 Dinosaur Jr. Start Choppin 20
1997 Dinosaur Jr. Take A Run At The Sun 53
1991 Dinosaur Jr. The Wagon 49
1991 Dinosaur Jr. Whatever’s Cool With Me
1987 Dustdevils Seeds In The Spoil
1987 Dustdevils The Dropping Well
1984 Flag Of Convenience Change
1988 Flag Of Convenience Exiles EP
1987 Flag Of Convenience Last Train To Safety
1982 Flag Of Convenience Life On The Telephone
1986 Flag Of Convenience New House
1987 Flag Of Convenience Should I Ever Go Deaf!
1982 Force Endless Sleep
1982 Force Close To A Headline
1986 Gaye Bykers On Acid Everything’s Groovy
1987 Gaye Bykers On Acid Nosedive Karma (EP)
1978 Ian Gomm 24 Hour Service
1979 Ian Gomm Come On
1978 Ian Gomm Hold On
1983 Ian Gomm I’m In A Heartache
1980 Ian Gomm Man On A Mountain
1982 IN2XS! Love Will Come
1983 IN2XS! Mamma Don’t Dance
1986 Junk The World Doesn’t Turn
1987 Junk Messiahs Of The Pop Raunch
1988 Junk Junk Town Slam
1989 Jive Turkey Rotate
1983 London Cowboys Street Full Of Soul
1981 Nico Saeta
2011 Othon Last Night I Paid To Close My Eyes
1992 Panic Beach King Normal
1982 Pearl Harbour Voodoo Voodoo
1987 Popular Front Falling Out
1986 Popular Front Liberté + Égalité + Dansabilité EP
1983 Saints Follow The Leader
1976 Sean Tyla Amsterdam Dog
1980 Sean Tyla Breakfast In Marin
1980 Sean Tyla Diamond Lane
1981 Sean Tyla Landing Lights
1983 Sean Tyla Paradise Lost
1983 Sean Tyla Running On Empty
1985 Sean Tyla Eve Of Destruction
1984 Sid Presley Experience Hup Two Three Four
1991 Smashing Orange Above Ming Gardens
1991 Smashing Orange Not Very Much To See
1989 Snake Corps Calling You
1990 Snake Corps Colder Than The Kiss
1985 Snake Corps Science Kills
1990 Snake Corps Some Other Time
1986 Snake Corps Testament
1986 Snake Corps Victory Parade
1981 Steve Diggle 50 Years Of Comparative Wealth
1990 Stevie Vayne & Vaynes Alive & Kicking
1986 Swimming In Sand Power
1990 Ugly Noize Incorporated Nitro Injected Thrash Pop… For The Def!
1986 Underground Zero Through The Looking Glass EP
1988 Yeah God! So Far Down
1988 Yeah God! Sumo
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Tracks – Progressive Rock

Year Of Release Artist Song title UK Indie Chart # UK Chart Position
1978 Anthony Phillips We’re All As We Lie
1979 Anthony Phillips Um & Aargh
1981 Anthony Phillips Prelude ’84
1974 Arthur Brown Gypsies
1974 Arthur Brown We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place
1971 Arthur Brown/Kingdom Come Eternal Messenger
1971 Arthur Brown/Kingdom Come Spirit Of Joy
1989 Bankstatement Throwback
1989 Bankstatement I’ll Be Waiting
1969 Barclay James Harvest Brother Thrush
1968 Barclay James Harvest Early Morning
1972 Barclay James Harvest I’m Over You
1971 Barclay James Harvest Mocking Bird
1973 Barclay James Harvest Rock And Roll Woman
1970 Barclay James Harvest Taking Some Time On
1972 Barclay James Harvest Thank You
1970 Blonde On Blonde Castles In The Sky
1972 Bombadil Breathless
1972 Bond And Brown Lost Tribe
1971 Curved Air Back Street Luv 4
1971 Curved Air It Happened Today
1972 Curved Air Sarah’s Concern
1972 Dave Cousins Going Home
1973 Duffy Running Away
1968 Eyes Of Blue Largo
1971 Fields A Friend Of Mine
1981 Gary Brooker Homelovin’ (Europe ex-UK only)
1980 Gary Brooker Leave The Candle
1979 Gary Brooker Savannah
1979 Gary Brooker Say It Ain’t So Joe
1982 Gary Brooker The Cycle (Let It Flow) (Europe ex-UK only)
1984 Gary Brooker The Long Goodbye (Europe ex-UK only)
1985 Gary Brooker Two Fools In Love (Europe ex-UK only)
1975 Greenslade Catalan
1976 Greenslade Gangsters
1973 Greenslade Feathered Friends
1973 Greenslade Temple Song
1981 Hawkwind Angels Of Death
1977 Hawkwind Back On The Streets
1981 Hawkwind Hurry On Sundown EP 38
1976 Hawkwind Kerb Crawler
1981 Hawkwind Motorhead 4
1983 Hawkwind Motorway City 19
1985 Hawkwind Needle Gun 37
1985 Hawkwind Night Of The Hawks 19
1977 Hawkwind Quark, Strangeness And Charm
1980 Hawkwind Shot Down In The Night 59
1982 Hawkwind Silver Machine
1980 Hawkwind Who’s Gonna Win The War 27
1986 Hawkwind Zarozinia 35
2015 John Lodge 10,000 Light Years Ago
1982 Jon Lord Bach Onto This
1982 Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix Brothel In Rosenstrasse
1980 Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix Dodgem Dude
1972 Open Road Swamp Fever
1972 Patto Flat Footed Woman
1972 Patto Singing The Blues On Reds
1976 Procol Harum As Strong As Samson (When You’re Being Held To Ransom)
1972 Procol Harum Conquistador (Live) 22
1974 Procol Harum Nothing But The Truth
1975 Procol Harum Pandora’s Box 16
1973 Procol Harum Robert’s Box
1973 Procol Harum Souvenir Of London
1975 Procol Harum The Final Thrust
1977 Procol Harum Wizard Man
1977 Renaissance Back Home Once Again
1979 Renaissance Jekyll And Hyde
1978 Renaissance Northern Lights 10
1979 Renaissance The Winter Tree
1980 Robert Calvert Lord Of The Hornets
1972 Second Hand Funeral
1980 Sky Toccata 5
1978 Soft Machine Soft Space
1977 Strawbs Back In The Old Routine
1976 Strawbs Charmer
1976 Strawbs I Only Want My Love To Grow In You
1978 Strawbs Joey And Me
1977 Strawbs Keep On Trying
1978 Strawbs New Beginnings
1995 Strictly Inc. Under Seventeen
1995 Strictly Inc. Walls Of Sound
1986 Tangerine Dream Dolphin Dance
1985 Tangerine Dream Streethawk (Radio Remix)
1987 Tangerine Dream Tyger
1971 Tangerine Dream Ultima Thule
1984 Tangerine Dream Warsaw In The Sun
1978 Tim Blake Generator Laserbeam
1978 Tim Blake Sintesis Intemporal
1972 Toe Fat Brand New Band
1983 Tony Banks And The Wheels Keep Turning
1979 Tony Banks For A While
1991 Tony Banks I Wanna Change The Score
1991 Tony Banks Shortcut To Somewhere (with Fish)
1991 Tony Banks Still It Takes Me By Surprise
1991 Tony Banks The Gift
1983 Tony Banks This Is Love
1976 Unicorn Disco Dancer
1977 Unicorn Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
1975 Unicorn I’ll Believe In You (The Hymn)
1974 Unicorn Ooh! Mother
1977 Unicorn Slow Dancing
1983 Utopia Crybaby
1984 Utopia Love With A Thinker
1985 Utopia Mated
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