Tracks – 2000s & Contemporary

Year Of Release Artist Song title
2017 Alternative TV Negative, Primitive
2016 Alternative TV This Little Girl
2015 Andy Bell I Don’t Like
2010 Andy Blade Let’s Burn The Internet Down
2015 Any Trouble Glen Campbell
2009 Bananarama Love Comes
2010 Bananarama Love Don’t Live Here
2013 Big Country Hurt
2013 Big Country In A Broken Promise Land
2015 Blancmange Paddington
2015 Blancmange I Want More
2013 Blow Monkeys Oh My
2013 Blow Monkeys Feels Like A New Morning
2013 Blow Monkeys Shake It Off (Remix)
2014 Blow Monkeys Chained (Remix)
2013 Chris Grant It’s You!
2012 Christians Speed Of Life
2012 Christians Overwhelmed
2013 Christians Inner City Blues
2009 Cineplexx Mejor
2014 Claudia Brücken Nevermind
2014 Claudia Brücken Letting Go
2013 Dave Edmunds Again
2016 Dodgy What Are We Fighting For?
2016 Dodgy You Give Drugs A Bad Name
2012 Dualers Enjoy Yourself
2012 Dwight Twilley The Last Time Around
2011 Fall Laptop Dog
2011 Fall Cosmos 7
2012 Fall Victrola Time
2013 Fall Sir William Wray
2013 Fall The Remainderer
2016 Fall Wise Ol’ Man
2005 Go-Kart Mozart Electric Rock & Roll
2012 Go-Kart Mozart Electrosex
2012 Go-Kart Mozart New World In The Morning
2013 Gun Club Cemetery Needle Aside
2016 Hawkwind A Solitary Man
2017 Hawkwind Have You Seen Them
2011 Hazel O’Connor Feeling Good
2012 Hit By A Rock Black Lily White Lotus
2013 House Of Love A Baby Got Back On Its Feet
2011 Hussey-Regan Wichita Lineman
2011 Hussey-Regan Enjoy The Silence
2014 Inspiral Carpets Spitfire
2014 Inspiral Carpets feat. John Cooper Clarke Let You Down
2015 Jah Wobble Merry Go Round
2011 Jah Wobble & Julie Campbell Tightrope
2012 Jah Wobble & Keith Levene Mississippi
2007 James Taylor’s 4th Dimension Mr. Z
2015 James Taylor Quartet Sanctus
2014 Jaq Gallier Higher Love
2014 Jaq Gallier Lake
2010 Jimmy Somerville Hush
2010 Jimmy Somerville I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
2014 Jimmy Somerville Back To Me
2014 Jimmy Somerville Travesty
2015 Jimmy Somerville Learned To Talk
2013 John Lennon McCullagh North South Divide
2013 John Lennon McCullagh Towerland Lullaby
2014 John McCullagh & Escorts Box Of Tricks
2015 John McCullagh & Escorts She’s Calling Me
2013 Luke Haines Rock And Roll Animals
2013 Luke Haines Gene Vincent
2014 Luke Haines Lou Reed Lou Reed
2010 Marc Almond Variete
2013 Marc Almond Burn Bright
2014 Marc Almond Tasmanian Tiger
2015 Marc Almond Scar
2015 Membranes Do The Supernova
2012 Membranes If You Enter The Arena You’ve Got To Be Prepared To Deal With The Lions
2013 Membranes The Universe Explodes
2013 Mineral Serial Monkey
2014 Mz. Moxy Sugar
2014 Mz. Moxy Always Something
2013 Nitin Sawhney Accept Yourself
2013 Nitin Sawhney & Joss Stone I Ask You (live)
2012 Othon Impermanence
2012 Panic Room Chances
2013 Parlour Flames Manchester Rain
2013 Parlour Flames Pop Music, Football And Girls
2017 Pere Ubu Monkey Bizness
2013 Pete MacLeod Rolling Stone
2014 Phoneys And The Freaks Set The Night On Fire
2013 Polyphonic Spree You Don’t Know Me
2013 Polyphonic Spree Popular By Design
2012 Randy Edelman Don’t Forsake Me Now
2010 Red Box Hurricane
2010 Red Box Brighter Blue
2011 Same Difference Superstar
2011 Same Difference Shine On Forever (Photo Frame)
2015 Sarah Cracknell Take The Silver
2015 Sarah Cracknell & Nicky Wire Nothing Left To Talk About
2014 Sourya Winterwind
2014 Sourya Deadwalker
2012 Squackett Sea Of Smiles
2012 Squackett Perfect Love Song
2011 Suzi Quatro Strict Machine
2011 Suzi Quatro Whatever Love Is
2011 Suzi Quatro Spotlight
2013 Swervedriver Deep Wound
2015 Swervedriver Setting Sun
2013 Tess Parks Somedays
2016 Three Degrees Strategy
2015 Todd Rundgren Global Nation
2011 Van der Graaf Generator Snake Oil