Tracks – 60s Pop, Beat & Psych

Year Of Release Artist Song title UK Chart Position US Chart Position
1964 A Band Of Angels Me
1964 A Band Of Angels She’ll Never Be You
1968 Alan Bown We Can Help You
1967 Alan Bown Toyland
1968 Alan Bown Story Book
1962 Alan Klein Striped Purple Shirt
1962 Alan Klein Three Coins In The Sewer
1965 Alan Klein It Ain’t Worth The Lonely Road Back
1965 Alan Klein Age Of Corruption
1965 Alexis Korner See See Rider
1967 Andy Ellison It’s Been A Long Time
1968 Andy Ellison Fool From Upper Eden
1968 Andy Ellison You Can’t Do That
1965 Angelina I Just Don’t Know How
1964 Athenians I Got Love If You Want It
1965 Athenians Thinking Of Our Love
1964 Athenians You Tell Me
1966 Attraction Party Line
1964 B. Bumble And The Stingers Polly Wog
1969 Back Street Band This Ain’t The Road
1969 Barclay James Harvest Brother Thrush
1968 Barclay James Harvest Early Morning
1969 Barnaby Rudge Hip Band I Spy
1969 Birds I Can’t Let Maggie Go
1970 Birds I See The Rain
1970 Birds Magic Words
1969 Bliss Lifetime
1960 Blue Men I Hear A New World EP
1964 Bo Street Runners Bo Street Runners EP
1964 Bo Street Runners Bo Street Runner
1965 Bo Street Runners Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do
1965 Bo Street Runners Baby Never Say Goodbye
1966 Bo Street Runners Drive My Car
1967 Bobby Johnson & Atoms A Whiter Shade Of Pale
1967 Bobby Johnson & Atoms Do It Again A Little Bit Slower
1965 Brothers Grimm A Man Needs Love
1962 Cal Danger Restless
1969 Californians You’ve Got Your Troubles
1963 Caravelles You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry 6 3
1963 Caravelles I Really Don’t Want To Know
1964 Caravelles Have You Ever Been Lonely
1964 Caravelles You Are Here
1964 Caravelles I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine
1965 Caravelles True Love Never Runs Smooth
1967 Caravelles Hey Mama You’ve Been On My Mind
1967 Caravelles Want To Love You Again
1967 Caravelles The Other Side Of Love
1965 Carolines Love Made A Fool Of Me
1966 Carols Give Me Time
1961 Carter, Lewis & Southerners Two Timing Baby
1962 Carter, Lewis & Southerners Tell Me
1964 Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde Like I Love You Today
1963 Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde Yesterday’s Gone 37 21
1965 Chad  & Jeremy A Summer Song 7
1965 Chad  & Jeremy From A Window 97
1965 Chad  & Jeremy If I Loved You 23
1965 Chad  & Jeremy If She Was Mine
1965 Chad  & Jeremy September In The Rain
1965 Chad  & Jeremy What Do You Want With Me? 51
1965 Chad  & Jeremy Willow Weep For Me 15
1965 Chantelles I Want That Boy
1965 Chantelles The Secret Of My Success
1965 Chantelles Gonna Get Burned
1966 Chantelles I Think Of You
1966 Chantelles There’s Something About You
1966 Chris McClure The Dying Swan
1967 Circus Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday
1968 Circus Do You Dream?
1968 Clan Peeping Tom
1965 Clem Croft Mule Skinner Blues
1968 Clem Croft The Man Who Robbed The Bank At Sante Fe
1966 Clockwork Oranges Ready, Steady
1967 Colin Cook Cry I Do
1967 Colin Cook Pocketful Of Rainbows
1967 Colin Cook Riot In Cell Block Number 9
1966 Comedy Players The Night I Chased The Women With An Eel
1964 Count Downe & Zeros Hello My Angel
1965 Couriers Take Away
1967 Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Devil’s Grip (NB: North America only)
1968 Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Fire! (NB: North America only)
1968 Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Nightmare (NB: North America only)
1967 Crocheted Doughnut Ring Two Little Ladies (Azalea And Rhododendron)
1961 Cuddly Duddly & Redcaps Sitting In A Train
1967 Dantalian’s Chariot The Madman Running Through The Fields
1965 Dany Chandelle & Ladybirds Lying Awake
1969 Davey Payne & Medium Wave A Walk In The Sunshine
1969 Davey Payne Bad Girls
1965 David John & The Mood Bring It To Jerome
1965 David John & The Mood Diggin’ For Gold
1964 David John & The Mood To Catch That Man
1962 Dean Parker & Redcaps Stormy Evening
1963 Debonairs When True Love Comes Your Way
1968 Denis Couldry & Next Collection I Am Nearly There
1968 Deviants You Got To Hold On
1968 Dominic Grant I’ve Been There
1969 Dominic Grant In The Night
1967 Dorian Gray Behind The Tear
1968 Dorian Gray I’ve Got You On My Mind
1968 Dorian Gray Jingle Down A Hill
1968 Dorian Gray Love Is All It Should Be
1967 Eden Kane Gotta Get Through To You
1966 Eden Kane Magic Town
1966 Eden Kane My Whole World Is Tumbling Down
1968 Eden Kane Time, Love, Hope, Life
1968 Episode Six Lucky Sunday
1969 Episode Six Mozart Versus The Rest
1966 Fadin’ Colours (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet
1969 Fat Mattress Magic Forest
1969 Fat Mattress Naturally
1967 Felius Andromeda Meditations
1966 Fingers I Go To Sleep
1965 Four + One Time Is On My Side
1969 Gemini Butterfly Wings
1969 Gemini Sunshine River
1968 Genesis A Winter’s Tale
1968 Genesis The Silent Sun
1969 Genesis Where The Sour Turns To Sweet
1967 Glen Ingram I’ll Be Doggone
1966 Glen Ingram Skye Boat Song
1963 Glenda Collins I Lost My Heart In The Fairground
1963 Glenda Collins If You’ve Got To Pick A Baby
1964 Glenda Collins Baby It Hurts
1964 Glenda Collins Lollipop
1965 Glenda Collins Johnny Loves Me
1965 Glenda Collins Thou Shalt Not Steal
1966 Glenda Collins Something I’ve Got To Tell You
1966 Glenda Collins It’s Hard To Believe It
1967 Georgy & Velvet Illusions Lazy
1967 Georgy & Velvet Illusions Mini Shimmy
1966 Gnomes Of Zurich Please Mr. Sun
1967 Gnomes Of Zurich Second Fiddle
1969 Good Ship Lollipop Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
1970 Good Vibrations Call Me Lightning
1969 Good Vibrations In The Bad Bad Old Days
1962 Grant Tracy The Painted Smile
1961 Grant Tracy & Sunsets Say When
1962 Grant Tracy & Sunsets The Great Matchmaker
1968 Grapefruit C’mon Marianne (2016 Mix)
1968 Grapefruit Dear Delilah (2016 Mix)
1968 Grapefruit Elevator (2016 Mix)
1969 Grapefruit Round Going Round (2016 Mix)
1968 Grapefruit Someday Soon
1969 Guy Darrell Birds Of A Feather
1969 Guy Darrell Turn To Me
1969 Guy Darrell Syndicate How Are You?
1969 Harmony Grass What A Groovy Day
1969 Harmony Grass I Remember
1966 Hedgehoppers Anonymous Baby (You’re My Everything)
1966 Hedgehoppers Anonymous Daytime
1965 Hedgehoppers Anonymous Don’t Push Me
1965 Hedgehoppers Anonymous It’s Good News Week 5
1966 Hedgehoppers Anonymous Stop Press
1963 Heinz Country Boy 26
1963 Heinz Dreams Do Come True
1965 Heinz End Of The World
1965 Heinz Heart Full Of Sorrow
1963 Heinz Just Like Eddie 5
1966 Heinz Movin’ In 5
1964 Heinz Please Little Girl
1964 Heinz Questions I Can’t Answer
1964 Heinz You Were There 26
1964 Heinz & The Wild Boys Digging My Potatoes
1964 Heinz & The Wild Boys Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
1965 In Crowd That’s How Strong My Love Is
1965 In Crowd Stop! Wait A Minute
1965 In Crowd Why Must They Criticise
1970 Inner Circle Aladdin
1965 James Royal Work Song
1965 James Royal & The Hawks She’s About A Mover
1968 Jason Cord I’ve Got My Eyes On You
1969 Jason Cord Why Shouldn’t I?
1960 Jess Conrad Cherry Pie 39
1969 Jess Conrad Crystal Ball Dream
1961 Jess Conrad Every Breath I Take
1969 Jess Conrad Here She Comes Again
1961 Jess Conrad Hey Little Girl
1962 Jess Conrad Hurt Me
1961 Jess Conrad I See You
1962 Jess Conrad It’s About Time
1961 Jess Conrad Mystery Girl 18
1960 Jess Conrad Out Of Luck
1962 Jess Conrad Pretty Jenny 50
1962 Jess Conrad Pussy Cat
1977 Jess Conrad Save It For A Rainy Day
1962 Jess Conrad Take Your Time
1969 Jess Conrad The Other Side Of Life
1962 Jess Conrad Things I’d Like To Say
1961 Jess Conrad This Pullover
1964 John Barry & Orchestra Troubador
1963 John Barry Seven & Orchestra 007
1963 John Barry Seven & Orchestra Elizabeth
1963 John Barry Seven & Orchestra From Russia With Love
1963 John Barry Seven & Orchestra Kinky
1964 John Barry Seven The Loneliness Of Autumn
1964 John Barry Seven Zulu Stamp
1968 Johnny Heap I’d Rather Switch Than Fight
1967 John’s Children Come And Play With Me In The Garden
1967 John’s Children Desdemona
1967 John’s Children Go-Go Girl
1967 John’s Children Just What You Want – Just What You’ll Get
1967 John’s Children Midsummer Night’s Scene
1966 John’s Children The Love I Thought I’d Found
1967 John Williams Flowers In Your Hair
1967 John Williams She’s That Kind Of Woman
1965 Jonathan King Green Is The Grass
1966 Jonathan King Icicles (Fell From The Heart Of A Bluebird)
1966 Jonathan King Just Like A Woman
1969 Jonathan King Let It All Hang Out 26
1967 Jonathan King Round, Round
1967 Jonathan King Seagulls
1965 Jonathan King Where The Sun Has Never Shone
1962 Joy Marshall Love Can Change So Many Things
1969 Julie Rogers Almost Close To You (O Mio Angelo)
1971 Julie Rogers Baby Don’t You Leave Me
1970 Julie Rogers Children Of My Mind
1972 Julie Rogers If We Only Have Love
1971 Julie Rogers Where Do You Go
1970 Julie Rogers Which Way To Nowhere
1966 Katch 22 Major Catastrophe
1967 Katch 22 Makin’ My Mind Up
1968 Katch 22 The World’s Getting Smaller
1968 Katch 22 Pumpkin Mini
1968 Katch 22 Out Of My Life
1995 Keith West A Little Understanding
1967 Kevin ‘King’ Lear Count Me Out
1968 Kevin ‘King’ Lear Cry Me A River
1969 Kevin ‘King’ Lear The Snake
1968 Kevin ‘King’ Lear (You Got) The Power Of Love
1967 Kompany I’ve Been Around
1967 Kompany Little Joe The Boxer
1965 Larry Finnegan The Other Ringo
1969 Lee Lynch Stay Awhile
1969 Lee Lynch They’ve Taken Our Childhood Away
1968 Len Barry 456 (Now I’m Alone)
1968 Len Barry A Child Is Born
1968 Len Barry Christopher Columbus
1968 Linda Thorson Bad Time To Stop Loving Me
1968 Linda Thorson Here I Am
1962 Lita Roza Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)
1967 Lucas & Mike Cotton Sound Step Out Of Line
1968 Lucas & Mike Cotton Sound We Got A Thing Going Baby
1964 Lynn Holland And The Angels Sing
1967 Maggie Hammond High Flying Bird
1966 Maggie Hammond This Little Bird
1964 Mandy Rice-Davies You’ve Got What It Takes
1968 March Hare Cry My Heart
1965 Marcus Tro Tell Me
1964 Marilyn Powell All My Loving
1965 Marilyn Powell Please Go Away
1965 Marilyn Powell As Long As You Come Back To Me
1966 Marilyn Powell Showdown
1968 Marilyn Powell Kiss Me Again (Adios Amore)
1969 Marilyn Powell Have Another Dream On Me
1970 Marilyn Powell Dear Madame
1962 Mark Douglas It Matters Not
1969 Mark Wynter Where Is She
1969 Matchmakers Baby Make Me Happy
1966 M.B.R. Things
1967 Mickey Finn Garden Of My Mind
1966 Mickey Finn I Do Love You
1964 Mickey Finn Pills
1964 Mickey Finn Reelin’ And A Rockin’
1965 Mickey Finn The Sporting Life
1964 Mickey Finn Tom Hark
1967 Mick Tinsley Let It Be Me
1965 Midnights Show Me Around
1963 Mike Berry with The Outlaws Don’t You Think It’s Time 6
1962 Mike Berry Every Little Kiss
1963 Mike Berry It Really Doesn’t Matter
1962 Mike Berry It’s Just A Matter Of Time
1963 Mike Berry with The Outlaws My Little Baby 34
1961 Mike Berry with The Outlaws Tribute To Buddy Holly 24
1961 Mike Berry with The Outlaws Will You Love Me Tomorrow
1964 Mike Cotton Sound I Don’t Wanna Know
1964 Mike Cotton Sound Round And Round
1965 Mike Cotton Sound Make Up Your Mind
1966 Mike Cotton Sound Harlem Shuffle
1962 Mike Sarne with Wendy Richards Come Outside 1
1962 Mike Sarne with Billie Davis Will I What 18
1962 Mike Sarne Just For Kicks 22
1963 Mike Sarne Code Of Love
1963 Mike Sarne Please Don’t Say
1963 Mike Sarne Hello Lover Boy
1963 Mike Sarne & Innocents Just Like Eddie
1964 Mike Sarne A Place To Go
1964 Mike Sarne & LeRoys Love Me Please
1964 Mike Sarne All I Want Is You
1968 Mike Stuart Span Children Of Tomorrow
1967 Mirage Hold On
1967 Mirage The Wedding Of Ramona Blair
1966 Mirage Tomorrow Never Knows
1963 Miss X Christine
1963 Mohicans Mohican Crawl
1966 Mood-Mosaic A Touch Of Velvet – A Sting Of Brass
1966 Moody Blues Boule