Tracks – 80s & 90s Pop

Artist Song title UK Chart Position US Chart Position
A Love Supreme Nial Quinn’s Disco Pants 59
Ade Moose And Walker Lounge Around
Blue Rondo A La Turk Carioca
Blue Rondo A La Turk Klactoveesedstein 50
Blue Rondo A La Turk Me And Mr Sanchez 40
Blue Rondo A La Turk The Heavens Are Crying
Cicero Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me
Cicero Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me (Remix) 70
Cicero Live For Today
Cicero Love Is Everywhere 19
Cicero That Loving Feeling 46
Dale Hargreaves’ Flamingos Scared To Death
David Essex Oh What A Circus 3
David Essex Goodbye First Love
David Essex Imperial Wizard 32
David Essex 20 Flights Up
David Essex Hot Love 57
David Essex Heart On My Sleeve
David Essex Be-Bop-A-Lula
David Essex Sunshine Girl
David Essex The Magician
David Essex Sweethearts
David Essex Me And My Girl (Night-Clubbing) 13
David Essex No Substitutes
David Essex A Winter’s Tale 2
David Essex The Smile 52
David Essex You’re In My Heart 59
David Essex Fishing For The Moon
David Essex Welcome
David Essex Falling Angels Riding 29
Die Zimmermänner Anya
Freeze Frame Foxhole
Freeze Frame Seeking Professional Advice
Freeze Frame Today Tomorrow
Freeze Frame Touch
Freeze Frame Your Voice
Haircut One Hundred Prime Time
Haircut One Hundred So Tired
Haircut One Hundred Too Up, Two Down
Hazel O’Connor (Cover Plus) We’re All Grown Up 41
Hazel O’Connor D-Days 10
Hazel O’Connor Ee I Adio
Hazel O’Connor Hanging Around 45
Hazel O’Connor That’s Life
Hazel O’Connor Time
Howard Jones All I Want 35 76
Howard Jones Everlasting Love 62 12
Howard Jones Hide and Seek 12
Howard Jones Life in One Day 14 19
Howard Jones Lift Me Up 52 32
Howard Jones Like To Get To Know You Well 4 49
Howard Jones Little Bit Of Snow 70
Howard Jones Look Mama 10
Howard Jones New Song 3 27
Howard Jones No One Is to Blame 16 4
Howard Jones Pearl In The Shell 7
Howard Jones The Prisoner 98 30
Howard Jones Things Can Only Get Better 6 5
Howard Jones What Is Love? 2 33
Howard Jones Will You Still Be There?
Howard Jones You Know I Love You… Don’t You? 43 17
Ice Club Dance
Jeff Allen Good Times
Johnny 7 Pressure’s Too Hot
John Payne Fly Away
Julie Dennis & Certain Elements Drained
Jupiter Red The Secret Affair
Kane Gang Brother Brother
Kane Gang Smalltown Creed 60
Kane Gang Closest Thing to Heaven 12
Kane Gang Respect Yourself 19
Kane Gang Gun Law 53
Keith Marshall Crimson And Clover
Keith Marshall Dear John
Keith Marshall I Think I’m In Love
Keith Marshall It’s Over
Keith Marshall Let Me Rock You
Keith Marshall Light Years
Keith Marshall Only Crying 12
Keith Marshall Remember Me
Kerry Delius Slipping Away
Kerry Delius They Say It’s Gonna Rain
Kim Wilde Cambodia 12
Kim Wilde Chequered Love 4
Kim Wilde Child Come Away 43
Kim Wilde Dancing In The Dark 67
Kim Wilde House of Salome
Kim Wilde Kids In America 2 25
Kim Wilde Love Blonde 23
Kim Wilde View From A Bridge 16
Kim Wilde Water On Glass 11
Little Egypt I Do Voodoo
Local Boy Makes Good Horoscope
Lotus Eaters Stay Free
Louis Philippe Anthony Bay
Louis Philippe Guess I’m Dumb
Louis Philippe Like Nobody Do *
Louis Philippe Red Roses And Red Noses EP
Louis Philippe You Mary You *
Maisonettes Heartache Avenue 7
Maisonettes This Affair
Maisonettes Two Can Have A Party
Maisonettes Where I Stand
Marc Almond Jacky 17
Marc Almond My Hand Over My Heart 33
Marc Almond The Days Of Pearly Spencer 4
Marc Almond What Makes A Man A Man (Live) 63
Martyn Bates The Look Of Love
Momus Murderers, The Hope Of Women
Momus Nicky
Momus Spacewalk
Momus The Beast With Three Backs EP
Momus The Hairstyle Of The Devil
Momus The Sadness Of Things
Neale Jackson Scream In Vain
Quadrascope Baby Won’t Phone
Sheriff Jack Everybody Twist
Sheriff Jack Let’s Be Nonchalant
Sky Juice Tobago
Stringer That’s When The Crying Starts
Tactic Video Video
Teezers The Best Part Of Breaking Up
Tracie (I Love You) When You Sleep 59
Tracie Give It Some Emotion 24
Tracie I Can’t Leave You Alone 60
Tracie Invitation
Tracie Soul’s On Fire 73
Tracie The House That Jack Built 9
Truth A Step In The Right Direction 33
Truth Confusion (Hits Us Everytime) 22
Truth No Stone Unturned
Twinkle I’m A Believer
Zoot & The Roots I Ate The Little Red Rooster
Zoot & The Roots The Bee Jives Out (EP)
Zoot & The Roots Make Me Believe In You