Tracks – 80s Punk & Beyond

Artist Song title UK Indie Chart # UK Chart Position
4 Skins Low Life
4 Skins One Law For Them 4
4 Skins Seems To Me
4 Skins Yesterday’s Heroes 7
999 Indian Reservation 6
999 Lil Red Riding Hood 7
999 Obsessed 4 71
999 Trouble
Abrasive Wheels Army Song 24
Abrasive Wheels Burn ‘Em Down 14
Abrasive Wheels Vicious Circle 12
Ad Nauseum Brainstorm EP
Adicts Bad Boy 4
ADX Falling In Love Again
ADX Tokyo
Admit You’re Shit Expect No Mercy… EP
Agony Column Love Is A Blanket Expression
Alternative TV Negative, Primitive
Alternative TV Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
Angelic Upstarts Brighton Bomb 4
Angelic Upstarts Machine Gun Kelly 14
Angelic Upstarts Not Just A Name *
Angelic Upstarts Solidarity 24
Angelic Upstarts The Murder Of Liddle Towers
Angelic Upstarts Woman In Disguise 18
Anti-Nowhere League For You * 3
Anti-Nowhere League Fuck Around The Clock
Anti-Nowhere League I Hate … People * 1 46
Anti-Nowhere League Out On The Wasteland
Anti-Nowhere League Streets Of London 1 48
Anti-Nowhere League Woman * 1 72
Anti-Nowhere League World War III
Anti-Pasti Caution To The Wind 46
Anti-Pasti East To The West 10
Anti-Pasti Four Sore Points EP 11
Anti-Pasti Let Them Free EP 9
Anti-Pasti Six Guns 1
Antisocial Backstreet Boys
Antisocial Official Hooligan
Antisocial with Another Punk? To Many People
AOA Who Are They Trying To Con (EP)
Apostles Smash This Spectacle (EP) 22
Attak Murder In The Subway * 12
Attak Today’s Generation * 15
Blitz All Out Attack EP * 3
Blitz Never Surrender * 2
Blitz New Age * 4
Blitz Solar *
Blitz Telecommunication * 3
Blitz Warriors * 2
Blitzkrieg Lest We Forget EP * 11
Blood Megalomania 6
Blood Stark Raving Normal
Boys Let It Rain
Boys Terminal Love
Boys Weekend
Boys You Better Move On
Business Do A Runner
Business Drinkin’ & Drivin’ 27
Business Get Out Of My House
Business Harry May 13
Business Smash The Discos 3
Chaos U.K. Burning Britain EP 8
Chaos U.K. Kanpai
Chaos U.K. King For A Day EP
Chaos U.K. Loud Political & Uncompromising EP 27
Chaos U.K. The Singles EP 31
Chaotic Dischord Fuck The World 14
Chaotic Dischord Never Trust A Friend 30
Chaotic Youth Sad Society
Charge Kings Cross 18
Chron Gen Jet Boy Jet Girl 4
Chron Gen Outlaw
Chron Gen Puppets Of War EP 4
Chron Gen Reality 2
Class War Better Dead Than Wed 5
Cock Sparrer Did You Have A Nice Life Without Me?
Cock Sparrer England Belongs To Me
Cock Sparrer Run Away Johnny
Cock Sparrer Spirit Of ‘76
Cock Sparrer Too Late
Cock Sparrer True To Yourself
Conflict Custom Rock *
Conflict From Protest To Resistance * 11
Conflict Live At Centro Iberico (EP) * 7
Conflict Now You’ve Put Your Foot In It *
Conflict The Battle Continues * 1
Conflict The Final Conflict EP *
Conflict The House That Man Built (EP) * 3
Conflict The Serenade Is Dead * 5
Conflict These Colours Don’t Run *
Conflict This Is Not Enough * 3
Conflict To A Nation Of Animal Lovers * 4
Court Martial Gotta Get Out 23
Court Martial No Solution 40
Crack All Or Nothing
Crack Don’t You Ever Let Me Down
Crack Going Out
Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia 2 49
Dead Kennedys Kill The Poor 1
Dead Kennedys Too Drunk To Fuck 1 36
Dead Man’s Shadow Bomb Scare EP 34
Dead Man’s Shadow Flower In The Gun
Dead Man’s Shadow Toleration Street
Death Sentence Death And Pure Destruction
Defects Dance (Until You Drop)
Defects Survival 8
Defects Suspicious Minds 17
Destructors Cry Havoc And Unleash The Dogs Of War EP 31
Destructors Forces Of Law 26
Destructors Jailbait!
Destructors Religion! There Is No Religion! 34
Destructors Senseless Violence EP 33
Disorder Complete Disorder EP 29
Disorder Distortion To Deafness 9
Disorder Mental Disorder EP 16
Disorder Perdition EP 25
Drones Can’t See 50
Ejected Have You Got 10p? 8
Ejected Noise For The Boys! EP 28
Ejected Press The Button EP 32
Emergency Points Of View 23
Emotion Pictures They Say Space Is Cold *
Enemy Last But Not Least
English Dogs To The End Of The Earth EP 4
Erazerhead Apeman * 47
Erazerhead It’s Summertime Now! *
Erazerhead Live At The Klub Foot EP * 37
Erazerhead Shell Shock * 25
Erazerhead Teenager In Love 32
Erazerhead Werewolf * 12
Ex Pistols Land Of Hope And Glory * 2 69
Exit-Stance Crimes Against Humanity
Expelled No Life, No Future EP 16
Expelled Government Policy 15
Exploited Army Life * 6
Exploited Attack/Alternative * 5 50
Exploited Computers Don’t Blunder
Exploited Dead Cities * 4 31
Exploited Dogs Of War * 2 63
Exploited Exploited Barmy Army * 4
Exploited Rival Leaders EP * 11
Exploited Troops Of Tomorrow
External Menace No Views
External Menace Youth Of Today
Fits Burial
Fits Listen To Me
Fits The Last Laugh EP * 44
Flowers In The Dustbin Nails Of The Heart
Genocides (Honey This Ain’t) No Romance
Gonads Peace Artists EP
Gonads Pure Punk For Row People EP 6
Guitar Gangsters Lord Of The Dance
Guitar Gangsters She’s Got A Gun
Hagar The Womb Funnery In A Nunnery EP 9
Hagar The Womb Idolization 6
Icons Of Filth Brain Death 3
Icons Of Filth The Filth And The Fury EP 9
Infa-Riot Kids Of The 80’s 8
Infa-Riot The Winner 9
Inner Terrestrials Guns Of Brixton
Insane Politics 18
Insane El Salvador * 6
Instant Agony Nicely Does It!! *
Instant Agony No Sign Of Life! * 21
Last Resort Violence In Our Minds
Last Rites We Don’t Care
Legion Of Parasites Undesirable Ghosts EP
Liberty Our Voice Is Tomorrow’s Hope EP 12
Lost Cherrees A Man’s Duty…A Woman’s Place 8
Lost Cherrees Unwanted Children EP 27
Macc Lads …And Drinking Partners *
Macc Lads Barrel’s Round
Macc Lads Bog N Roll Circus *
Macc Lads Eh Up! Macc Lads EP *
Macc Lads Filthy, Flat And Flatulent EP *
Macc Lads Macc Lads 5 EP *
Macc Lads Minge Pies And Mistletoe EP *
Macc Lads One Gallon Demo EP *
Macc Lads Pietaster
Macc Lads Sheepless Nights EP *
Major Accident Fight To Win 24
Major Accident Leaders Of Tomorrow 19
Major Accident Mr Nobody
Major Accident Respectable
Major Accident Warboots
Mau Maus Facts Of War EP 15
Mau Maus No Concern 25
Mau Maus Society’s Rejects EP 22
Max ‘N’ Gal (The Brothers Gonad) Delilah 48
Mayhem Gentle Murder EP 21
Mayhem Pulling Puppets Strings 30
Menace Society Still Insane
Newtown Neurotics Blitzkrieg Bop 10
No Choice Sadist Dream
One Way System Cum On Feel The Noise 11
One Way System Give Us A Future * 28
One Way System Jerusalem * 22
One Way System Just Another Hero * 28
One Way System Stab The Judge
One Way System This Is The Age * 21
One Way System Visions Of Angels 39
Oppressed 5-4-3-2-1
Oppressed Anti Fascist Oi! EP
Oppressed Fuck Fascism
Oppressed Never Say Die EP
Oppressed The Noise EP
Oppressed They Think It’s All Over … It Is Now! EP
Oppressed Victims
Outcasts 1969
Outcasts Angel Face
Outcasts Magnum Force *
Outcasts Nowhere Left To Run
Outcasts Programme Love *
Outcasts Seven Deadly Sins *
Partisans 17 Years Of Hell * 2
Partisans Blind Ambition 23
Partisans Police Story * 5
Patrik Fitzgerald Tonight EP 24
Patrik Fitzgerald Personal Loss
Peter & The Test Tube Babies Banned From The Pubs * 10
Peter & The Test Tube Babies Blown Out Again 40
Peter & The Test Tube Babies Fuck The Millennium
Peter & The Test Tube Babies Key To The City 19
Peter & The Test Tube Babies Rotting In The Fart Sack 3
Peter & The Test Tube Babies Run Like Hell * 2
Peter & The Test Tube Babies Supermodels
Peter & The Test Tube Babies The Jinx
Peter & The Test Tube Babies When I Fall In Love
Peter & The Test Tube Babies Wimpeez 8
Peter & The Test Tube Babies Zombie Creeping Flesh 2
Plastic Gangsters Plastic Gangster
Pressure Pressure
Pressure You Talk We Talk
Reality Who Killed The Golden Goose
Red Alert City Invasion * 23
Red Alert In Britain * 11
Red Alert Take No Prisoners * 7
Red Alert There’s A Guitar Burning! EP
Red London Sten Guns In Sunderland EP 23
Red Rage Total Control
Resistance 77 Nowhere To Play EP
Riot Squad Don’t Be Denied EP 39
Riot Squad Fuck The Tories 23
Riot Squad I’m OK Fuck You EP 11
Riot Squad Riot In The City
Riot Squad There’s No Solution 22
Ruefrex Capital Letters * 31
Ruefrex The Wild Colonial Boy 46
Samples Dead Hero 40
Sex Aids Back On The Piss Again! 24
Shout! They’ve Got You Where They Want You! ‎
Shout! Tribal
Slaughter & The Dogs Saturday Night ‘Til Sunday Morning
Special Duties Mutt
Splodge Mouth And Trousers
Squad Flasher *
Stiff Little Fingers The Last Time (Live)
Sweet Revenge Nothing Ever Goes (The Way It’s Planned)
Threats Go To Hell
Threats Politicians & Ministers EP 42
UK Subs C.I.D.
UK Subs Countdown 8
UK Subs Drunken Sailor
UK Subs Live In Holland EP
UK Subs Motivator
UK Subs This Gun Says
Ultra Violent Crime … For … Revenge
Undead This Place Is Burning
Undead It’s Corruption 18
Underdogs East Of Dachau 49
Uproar Die For Me
Uproar Rebel Youth