Tracks – Classic Rock & Heavy Metal

Year Of Release Artist Song title UK Chart Position
1982 Acid Hell On Wheels
1983 Acid Lucifera
1984 Acid Black Car
1983 Alcatrazz Island In The Sun
1982 August Redmoon Fools Are Never Alone
1991 Blackreign Always And Forever
1991 Blackreign Through The Storm
1977 Chartreuse You Really Got Me
1986 Chrome Molly I Want To Find Out
1985 Chrome Molly Take It Or Leave It
1974 Elf L.A. 59
1981 Girlschool Take It All Away
1974 Graham Bonnet Back Row In The Stalls
1977 Graham Bonnet Danny
1977 Graham Bonnet Goodnight And Good Morning
1977 Graham Bonnet It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
1981 Graham Bonnet Liar 51
1981 Graham Bonnet Night Games 6
1981 Graham Bonnet That’s The Way That It Is
1973 Graham Bonnet Trying To Say Goodbye
1978 Graham Bonnet Warm Ride
1972 Graham Bonnet Whisper In The Night
1973 Hard Stuff Inside Your Life
1972 Hard Stuff Jay Time
1992 Heavy Metal Outlaws Sex For Sexisms Sake EP
1992 Heavy Metal Outlaws The Sixties Meant Nothing EP
1981 Heritage Strange Place To Be
1984 Joker Back On The Road
1985 Maineeaxe Gimme Your Love
1984 Maineeaxe Gonna Make You Rock
1984 Maineeaxe The Game
1985 Maineeaxe The Hour Of Thunder (EP)
1971 Medicine Head (And The) Pictures In The Sky 22
1970 Medicine Head Coast To Coast
1969 Medicine Head His Guiding Hand
1972 Medicine Head How Does It Feel
1972 Medicine Head Kum On
1972 Medicine Head Only To Do What Is True
1984 Orion Insane In Another World
1984 Persian Risk Too Different
1985 Savage We Got The Edge *
1982 Shiva Angel Of Mons
1972 Silverhead Ace Supreme
1972 Silverhead Rolling With My Baby
1981 Spider All The Time
1970 Stack Waddy Roadrunner
1972 Stack Waddy You Really Got Me
1980 Stormtrooper Pride Before A Fall
1986 Strangeways Close To The Edge
1987 Strangeways Dance With Somebody
1988 Strangeways Every Time You Cry
1987 Strangeways Goodnight L.A.
1987 Strangeways Only A Fool
1985 Strangeways The Kid Needs Love
1974 Stray Dog Junkyard Angel
1973 Stray Dog Speak Of The Devil
1983 Terraplane I Survive *
1983 Tokyo Blade If Heaven Is Hell
1983 Tokyo Blade Powergame
1984 Tokyo Blade Lightning Strikes (Straight Through The Heart)
1984 Tokyo Blade Midnight Rendezvous
1985 Tokyo Blade The Caves Sessions (Official Bootleg EP)
1985 Tokyo Blade Madame Guillotine
1985 Tormé All Around The World *
1986 Tormé Star EP
1973 Tucky Buzzard Gold Medallions
1979 Witchfynde Give ‘Em Hell
1983 Witchfynde I’d Rather Go Wild
1980 Witchfynde In The Stars
1973 Yvonne Elliman I Can’t Explain