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Cherry Red Records represents a vast catalogue of recordings covering almost every popular music genre from the last fifty years, holding worldwide rights over much of the material.  We welcome all types of licensing enquiry from around the world.


Through our publishing arm, Cherry Red Songs, we also control over 27,000 copyrights making us a one stop shop for many of the tracks where we also control the master.


For any enquiries, contact us.

New Catalogue

  • 24 Jun All That Jazz

    Cherry Red’s bijou jazz archive recently swelled with the addition of the Newcastle Big Band album from 1972, a rarity which has attracted interest as the first musical output from one Gordon Sumner (better known as Sting). This joins a number of free/avant-garde jazz albums from that period by the......

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  • 24 Jun All The El Presidente´s Men

    Named in honour of filmmaker Gus Van Sant’s indie classic Drugstore Cowboy, the dark, atmospheric British-based trio Drugstore formed in London in 1993. Led by Brazilian vocalist/bassist Isabel Monteiro and LA drummer Mike Chylinski, they developed a sound that gradually grew slower and dreamier, featuring languid psychedelic elements and waves of distortion. We’ve......

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  • 17 Jun The Road To Damascus

    Formed from the ashes of acclaimed Scottish punk act Skids, Big Country blazed a trail across the 1980s and 1990s alternative rock scene. Their music was driven by the distinctive and very Scottish-sounding guitar style of Stuart Adamson, who tragically took his own life at the end of 2001. We’re......

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Recent Licences

  • 27 May Eyeballs For All

    The Louisiana-born members of the enigmatic avant-pop collective known as The Residents operate out of a shadowy alternative version of San Francisco. They have no names, no faces, no gender, no age, no race, no identities at all. Which is precisely why their song ‘My Second Wife’ has been......

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  • 20 May Hi-Time For Clubbing

    HiFi Club with legendary Colin Nichol, Generation HiFi is a new film documenting the new music and youth subculture in 1960s Perth. The soundtrack boasts numerous acts that cut their teeth on the scene. One of the main acts was Terry Walker’s trio The Times who are represented by their rocking single, the......

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  • 13 May Hazel Eyes The TV

    British-born singer / songwriter / actress Hazel O’Connor made her breakthrough role as Kate in the hit 1980 film Breaking Glass, which also helped to kickstart her musical career. Down the years, she has been both a media sensation and a musician; indeed, Hazel has used the often-baffling......

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