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Cherry Red Records represents a vast catalogue of recordings covering almost every popular music genre from the last fifty years, holding worldwide rights over much of the material.  We welcome all types of licensing enquiry from around the world.


Through our publishing arm, Cherry Red Songs, we also control over 27,000 copyrights making us a one stop shop for many of the tracks where we also control the master.


For any enquiries, contact us.

New Catalogue

  • 13 May Walking On The Toon

    The Newcastle Big Band are, as you might have guessed, a big band from Tyneside who were most famous for employing a young Sting (aka Gordon Sumner) on bass guitar. Their supremely rare 1972 self-titled (and only) jazz album was originally released on the Wudwink label (an imprint of Impulse......

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  • 06 May The Kids Love Blitz!

    Blitz were a punk band from Derbyshire, active between 1980 and 1983 – and key to the so-called UK82 punk era. Their original line-up consisted of Carl Fisher (vocals), Charlie Howe (percussion), Nidge Miller (guitar), and Neil “Mackie” McLennan (bass). Blitz were championed by Sounds magazine writer Garry Bushell, who helped......

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  • 06 May Still Misty But Seeing Daylight

    We’ve recently secured the rights to various unreleased recordings from the 1960s and early 1970s. Chief among them are an album by Living Daylights, who were formed by brothers Garth and Norman Watt-Roy (both of whom went onto carve careers in the 1970s and beyond). The band only released two......

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Recent Licences

  • 13 May Hazel Eyes The TV

    British-born singer / songwriter / actress Hazel O’Connor made her breakthrough role as Kate in the hit 1980 film Breaking Glass, which also helped to kickstart her musical career. Down the years, she has been both a media sensation and a musician; indeed, Hazel has used the often-baffling......

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  • 11 Mar She’s In Love With The Rock ‘n Roll World!

    Janie Jones gained notoriety in the 1960s for a string of misdemeanours. She was also a singer and occasional recording artist, gaining a cult following amongst members of bands like The Clash and, much later, Babyshambles. Written by her husband John Christian Dee, her song ‘Witch In White’ was unreleased at......

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  • 04 Mar Skating On Hate

    Celebrating a new range of Converse shoes branded by professional skateboarder Mike Anderson’s, ‘Middle Earth’ is a short video featuring skateboarding legends such as Eddie Cernicky, Brad Cromer, Frank Gerwer and Zered Bassett. One of the songs heard in the film is ‘Bought & Sold’ by 80s anarcho punk band Liberty,......

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