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Cherry Red Records represents a vast catalogue of recordings covering almost every popular music genre from the last fifty years, holding worldwide rights over much of the material.  We welcome all types of licensing enquiry from around the world.


Through our publishing arm, Cherry Red Songs, we also control over 27,000 copyrights making us a one stop shop for many of the tracks where we also control the master.


For any enquiries, contact us.

New Catalogue

  • 14 Jan Style & Substance

    Next Friday, we release a 3-CD box set, entitled 1979: Revolt Into Style, which remembers a momentous year of post-punk, new wave, power pop and other UK styles. Cherry Red controls the rights to many tracks on this new compilation by the likes of The Fall, Alternative TV,......

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  • 07 Jan On-U-Reggae

    A man ahead of his time, Adrian Sherwood created some of the most forward thinking, experimental Reggae of the early 1980’s via his label On-U Sound. As a joint venture with Sherwood, Cherry Red financed seven albums over a two-year period, including Leaps & Bounds (1984) by the collective Singers & Players (feat. Prince Far......

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  • 07 Jan Get Your Phil

    Phil Wainman is an English record producer and songwriter, noted for his work in the 1970s with the likes of The Sweet, Mud, XTC, Dollar and Bay City Rollers. Perhaps his most notable success came as the producer of ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ by The Boomtown Rats. Cherry Red are now the proud......

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Recent Licences

  • 14 Jan Let It Bleed

    To any fan of American indie and alt. rock, Dinosaur Jr need no introduction. From their roots on labels like SST in the 80s to mainstream success with Warners in the 1990s, J Mascis & Co. have been hugely influential. The band’s arguably most popular single ‘Feel The Pain’ has been used in......

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  • 10 Dec If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Etam

    Issued in late 1981, ‘Cambodia’ was the fourth single by Kim Wilde, who was one of Britain’s biggest pop stars that year. The record reached No. 12 in the UK charts, but reached the top spot in France, and has enjoyed an enduring legacy as a fan favourite ever......

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  • 12 Nov Dreamy Sample!

    German electronic masters Tangerine Dream, founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese, are considered one of the pioneering electronica acts. They helped to develop the musical scene known as “kosmische” (cosmic), enjoyed a successful career composing film soundtracks such as Sorcerer (1979) and influenced everyone from Steven Wilson to Kasabian, including the makers of Netflix show Stranger Things, who......

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