Albums – 70s Punk & New Wave

Year Artist Title Album Type
2005 999 Live At The Nashville 1979 Live
1979 999 The Biggest Prize In Sport Studio
Unissued Ack Ack Trouser Tricks Studio
1980 Alternative TV Action Time Vision (The Very Best Of Mark Perry And ATV 1977-1999) Compilation
1978 Alternative TV The Image Has Cracked Studio
1979 Alternative TV Vibing Up The Senile Man (Part One) Studio
1978 Alternative TV/Here And Now What You See … Is What You Are Live
1979 Bill Nelson’s Red Noise Sound On Sound Studio
1979 Boys To Hell With The Boys Studio
1985 Cockney Rejects Unheard Rejects (1979-1981) Rarities
2008 Cortinas For Fucks Sake Plymouth Live
1978 Depressions (DP’s) If You Know What I Mean Studio
1997 Depressions The Punk Rock Collection Compilation
1999 Destroy All Monsters Bored Compilation
1976 Doctors Of Madness  Figments Of Emancipation Studio
1976 Doctors Of Madness Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms Studio
1978 Doctors Of Madness Sons Of Survival Studio
1977 Drones Further Temptations Studio
2004 Eater Live At Barbarellas 1977 Live
1977 Eater The Album Studio
1992 Eddie & The Hot Rods Canvey 2 Island (The First Studio Demos) Rarities
1996 Eddie & The Hot Rods Doing Anything They Wanna Do … 18 Hot Rods Rockers Compilation
1985 Eddie & The Hot Rods One Story Town (Live In France) Live Mini-LP
1990 Eddie & The Hot Rods The Curse Of The Hot Rods Rarities
1978 Electric Chairs The Electric Chairs Studio
1978 John The Postman John The Postman’s Puerile Mini-LP
1990 Maniacs Ain’t No Legend Compilation
1979 Outcasts Self Conscious Over You Studio
1977 Outsiders Calling On Youth Studio
1978 Outsiders Close Up Studio
1979 Patrik Fitzgerald Grubby Stories Studio
2005 Pure Hell Noise Addiction Compilation
1978 Shooter Shooter Studio
2010 Tours Album Of The Year… (That Never Was) Rarities
2011 Users Kicks In Style 1976 – 1979 ‎ Compilation
2008 Users Secondary Modern 1976 – 1978 Rarities
1982 Wayne County & The Electric Chairs The Best Of Jayne / Wayne County & The Electric Chairs Compilation
1978 Wayne County & The Electric Chairs Man Enough To Be A Woman Compilation
1978 Wayne County & The Electric Chairs Storm The Gates Of Heaven Studio
1979 Wayne County & The Electric Chairs Things Your Mother Never Told You Studio
1978 Various Artists Belfast Rock Compilation
1977 Various Artists Live At The Vortex (Volume One) Live
1978 Various Artists Vaultage 78 – Two Sides Of Brighton Compilation
1979 Various Artists Vaultage 79 – Another Two Sides Of Brighton Compilation