Albums – Folk & Singer-Songwriter

Year Artist Title Album Type
2003 Aaron Bayley Aaron Bayley Studio
1970 Agincourt Fly Away Studio
1997 Albion Band ‎ Songs From The Shows Compilation
1987 Alex Campbell With The Greatest Respect Compilation
1971 Alastair McDonald Tam-Lin Studio
1971 Andreas Thomopoulos Born Out Of The Tears Of The Sun Studio
1971 Andreas Thomopoulos Songs Of The Street Studio
2008 Ashley Hutchings & Ernesto De Pascale My Land Is Your Land Studio
1986 Augie Meyers Augies Back Studio
1984 Augie Meyers August In New York Studio
1972 Barrington Davis Tracks Of Mind Studio
1963 Barry McGuire The Barry McGuire Album Studio
1965 Barry McGuire Star Folk Studio
1965 Barry McGuire & New Christy Minstrels Star Folk Vol. 2 Studio
1969 Beau Beau Studio
1971 Beau Creation Studio
2011 Beau The Way It Was Studio
2009 Beaver Street Hat Band Beaver Street Studio
2010 Beaver Street Hat Band Move That Thing Studio
1981 Beaver Street Hat Band Live In Dublin Live
1983 Ben Watt North Marine Drive Studio
1999 Big Sky Volume 1: The Source Studio
1971 Bill Nelson Northern Dream Studio
2009 Bill Stewart On Top Of The World Studio
1970 Blue Blood Blue Blood Studio
2002 Blues ‘N’ Trouble Blues Graffiti / Live And/Or Rare: The Hat Trick Era Compilation
1985 Blues ‘N’ Trouble Blues ‘N’ Trouble (alias First Trouble) Studio
1986 Blues ‘N’ Trouble No Minor Keys Studio
2004 Brian Willoughby Fingers Crossed Studio
2012 Brian Knight 1861 Studio
1991 Brian Knight Blue Eyed Slide Studio
1969 Bridget St. John Ask Me No Questions Studio
1974 Bridget St. John Jumblequeen Studio
1971 Bridget St. John Songs For The Gentle Man Studio
1995 Bridget St. John Take The 5ifth Studio
1972 Bridget St. John Thank You For … Studio
2009 Bridget St. John Under Tokyo Skies Live
2011 Bridget St. John with Taku Hayashi Jolie Madame Live In Japan 2010 Live
1972 Callinan-Flynn Freedom’s Lament Studio
1997 Capercaillie Beautiful Wasteland Studio
1998 Capercaillie Glenfinnan (Songs Of The ’45) Studio
2002 Capercaillie Live In Concert Live
2000 Capercaillie Nàdurra Studio
1995 Capercaillie To The Moon Studio
1999 Carolyn Hester A Tom Paxton Tribute Studio
1961 Carolyn Hester Carolyn Hester (alias Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go) Studio
1996 Carolyn Hester From These Hills Studio
1982 Carolyn Hester Music Medicine Studio
1994 Carolyn Hester Texas Songbird Compilation
1995 Carolyn Hester The Tradition Album Reissue
1986 Carolyn Hester Warriors Of The Rainbow Studio
2013 Chris Farlowe As Time Goes By Studio
2003 Chris Farlowe Farlowe That! Studio
2000 Chris Farlowe Glory Bound Studio
2008 Chris Farlowe Hotel Eingang Studio
2005 Chris Farlowe Hungary For The Blues Live
2002 Chris Farlowe The Voice Studio
1992 Chris Farlowe Waiting In The Wings Studio
1991 Chris Farlowe Roy Herrington Live In Berlin Live
1986 Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds Born Again Studio
1985 Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds Out Of The Blue Studio
2004 Chuck & Mary Perrin The Last Word Studio
1983 Clifford T. Ward Both Of Us Studio
1995 Clifford T. Ward Julia And Other New Stories Compilation
2000 Clifford T. Ward The Ways Of Love Rarities
2003 Clifford T. Ward This Was Our Love Compilation
1972 Clifford T. Ward Singer-Songwriter Studio
1986 Clive Gregson & Christine Collister Home And Away Live
2005 Clive Palmer’s Banjoland Clive Palmer’s Banjoland Studio
1990 Colin Lloyd Tucker Remarkable Studio
1994 Dave Burland His Master’s Choice – The Songs Of Richard Thompson Studio
1973 Dave Ellis Album Studio
1974 Denny Doherty Waiting For A Song Studio
2001 Dylan Project Live At Cropredy Festival 1999 Live
2005 Dylan Project The Dylan Project 2 Studio
2008 Dylan Project The First Two Albums Compilation
1974 Friends Fragile Studio
2001 Good Sons Happiness Studio
1995 Good Sons Singing The Glory Down Studio
1996 Good Sons The Kings Highway Studio
1997 Good Sons Wines, Lines And Valentines Studio
1981 Gordon Giltrap Peacock Party Studio
1982 Gordon Giltrap Band Airwaves Studio
2017 Iain Matthews A Baker’s Dozen Studio
2000 Iain Matthews A Tiniest Wham / A Live Wham Studio
2006 Iain Matthews Brosella Live
1995 Iain Matthews Camouflage Studio
2007 Iain Matthews Contact Live
1998 Iain Matthews Excerpts From Swine Lake Studio
1996 Iain Matthews God Looked Down Studio
2006 Iain Matthews If You Saw Thro’ My Eyes – Live Live
1993 Iain Matthews Intimate Wash Studio
1992 Iain Matthews Live Alone Studio
1991 Iain Matthews Nights In Manhattan Live
1991 Iain Matthews Orphans And Outcasts (A Collection Of Demos) Vol. 1 Rarities
1993 Iain Matthews Orphans And Outcasts (A Collection Of Demos) Vol. 2 Rarities
1999 Iain Matthews Orphans And Outcasts (A Collection Of Demos) Vol. 3 Rarities
2019 Iain Matthews Orphans And Outcasts (A Collection Of Demos) Box Set Rarities
2006 Iain Matthews Osolomeo (A Night In Colorado) Live
1990 Iain Matthews Pure And Crooked Studio
1984 Ian Matthews Shook Studio
1992 Iain Matthews Skeleton Keys Studio
2013 Iain Matthews The Art Of Obscurity Studio
1994 Iain Matthews The Dark Ride Studio
2000 Iain Matthews Woodshedding Studio
2004 Iain Matthews Zumbach’s Coat Studio
2009 Iain Matthews Trio Amen – Live 2009 Live
1971 Ian A. Anderson A Vulture Is Not A Bird You Can Trust Studio
1970 Ian A. Anderson Royal York Crescent Studio
1972 Ian A. Anderson Singer Sleeps On As Blaze Rages Studio
1969 Ian Anderson’s Country Blues Band Stereo Death Breakdown Studio
1966 In Group The Swinging 12 String Studio
1996 Jack-E McAuley Fretwork Compilation
1998 Jack-E McAuley Shadowboxing Studio
1970 Jade Fly On Strangewings Studio
1998 James Grant Sawdust In My Veins Studio
2006 Jim Leverton & Geoffrey Richardson The End Of The Pier Show Studio
1996 Julie Matthews Such Is Life Studio
1996 Karen Matheson The Dreaming Sea Studio
1983 Kevin Hewick Such Hunger For Love Studio
1972 Kevin Coyne Case History Studio
1981 Kevin Coyne Pointing The Finger Studio
1982 Kevin Coyne Pøliticz Studio
1972 Kevin Coyne Nobody Dies In Dreamland Studio
1986 Kevin McDermott Suffocation Blues Studio Mini-Album
1971 Liverpool Fishermen Swallow The Anchor Studio
2012 Matthews Southern Comfort Kind Of New Studio
1970 Medicine Head New Bottles, Old Medicine Studio
2004 Michael Weston King Absent Friends Studio
2003 Michael Weston King A Decent Man Studio
2006 Michael Weston King A New Kind Of Loneliness Studio
2008 Michael Weston King Crawling Through The USA Studio
2010 Michael Weston King Forget Me Nots Studio
1999 Michael Weston King God Shaped Hole Studio
2010 Michael Weston King I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier Studio
2002 Michael Weston King Live…In Dinky Town Live
2006 Michael Weston King Love’s A Cover Studio
2003 Miller Anderson Bluesheart Studio
2008 Miller Anderson Chameleon Studio
2009 Miller Anderson From Lizard Rock! Live
2016 Miller Anderson Through The Mill Studio
1973 Mick Audsley Dark And Devil Waters Studio
1973 Mick Audsley Storyboard Studio
1969 Mike Hart Mike Hart Bleeds Studio
1972 Mike Hart Basher, Chalky, Pongo And Me Studio
2013 Murray Hockridge & Dave Kilminster Closer to Earth Studio
2011 My Darling Clementine How Do You Plead? Studio
2017 My Darling Clementine Still Testifying Studio
2013 My Darling Clementine The Reconciliation? Studio
2008 Nelson Somewhere Studio
1971 Oberon A Midsummer’s Night Dream Studio
2010 Oberon Live Spring 1971 Live
1969 Occasional Word Year Of The Great Leap Sideways Studio
1997 Patty Vetta & Alan Franks Ladders Of Daylight Studio
1995 Patty Vetta & Alan Franks Will Studio
2015 Paul Brett 12 String Blues Power Studio
TBC Paul Brett Anal Tap (alias Derelict Songs) Studio
2017 Paul Brett Blues For 12 String Guitar Studio
2017 Paul Brett Classics For 12 String Guitar Studio
1977 Paul Brett Earth Birth – The First Twelve String Guitar Suite Studio
2017 Paul Brett Eclectic Studio
2014 Paul Brett Emergence Studio
TBC Paul Brett Gryphon Studio
TBC Paul Brett Guitar For All Seasons Studio
2009 Paul Brett Songs From The Compleat Angler Studio
2018 Paul Brett The Devil’s Whisper Studio
TBC Paul Brett The Gryphon Suite For High 12 String Studio
2000 Paul Brett & John Joyce, Jr. Acoustic Power Studio
TBC Paul Brett & John Joyce, Jr. Live At The Lyric Live