Albums – Goth Rock

Year Artist Title Album Type Indie Chart
1983 1919 Machine Mini-LP
1983 Alien Sex Fiend Who’s Been Sleeping In My Brain Studio 10
1984 Alien Sex Fiend Acid Bath Studio 4
1985 Alien Sex Fiend Liquid Head In Tokyo Live 7
1985 Alien Sex Fiend Maximum Security Studio 5
1986 Alien Sex Fiend It – The Album Studio 7
1987 Alien Sex Fiend Here Cum Germs Studio 22
1988 Alien Sex Fiend All Our Yesterdays (The Singles Collection 1983-1987) Compilation
1988 Alien Sex Fiend Another Planet Studio
1989 Alien Sex Fiend Too Much Acid? Compilation
1990 Alien Sex Fiend Curse Studio
1992 Alien Sex Fiend Open Head Surgery Studio
1993 Alien Sex Fiend Altered States Of America Live
1993 Alien Sex Fiend The Legendary Batcave Tapes Rarities
1994 Alien Sex Fiend Inferno (The Odyssey Continues) Studio
1996 Alien Sex Fiend The Singles -1983-1995 Compilation
2001 Alien Sex Fiend The Best Of Alien Sex Fiend Compilation
2008 Alien Sex Fiend R.I.P. – A 12″ Collection Compilation
1985 Ausgang Manipulate Studio
2001 Ausgang Last Exit (The Best Of…) Compilation
1987 Carmina Burana The Apocryphal Dances Studio
1985 Essence Purity Studio
1987 Essence A Monument Of Trust Studio
1988 Essence Ecstasy Studio
1991 Essence Nothing Lasts Forever Studio
1994 Essence Dancing In The Rain (The Best Of…) Compilation
1985 Flesh For Lulu Big Fun City Studio 10
1985 Flesh For Lulu Blue Sisters Swing Studio Mini-LP 6
1984 Furyo Furyo Studio 12
2006 Inca Babies Plutonium (1983-87) Compilation
1989 James Ray & Performance A New Kind Of Assassin Studio
1992 James Ray’s Gangwar Dios Está De Nuestro Lado Studio
1987 Joolz Hex Studio
1990 Marionettes Ave Dementia Studio
1986 Midnight Choir Worm Belly Grin Studio
2008 Mission First Chapter (London Shepherds Bush Empire) Live
2008 Mission God’s Own Medicine (London Shepherds Bush Empire) Live
2008 Mission Children (London Shepherds Bush Empire) Live
2008 Mission Carved In Sand (London Shepherds Bush Empire) Live
1985 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Talk About The Weather Studio 3
1986 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Paint Your Wagon Studio 1
1988 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Smashed Hits Compilation 10
1994 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry The Singles 1982-87 Compilation
1987 Salvation Diamonds Are Forever Studio 9
2005 Salvation The Complete Collection 1985-89 Compilation
1984 S-Haters Come Studio
1984 Skeletal Family Burning Oil Studio 1
1985 Skeletal Family Futile Combat Studio 7
1994 Skeletal Family The Singles Plus 1983-85 Compilation
2001 Skeletal Family Promised Land (The Best Of…) Compilation
1984 Tempest 5 Against The House Studio
1986 Various Artists Live At Alice In Wonderland Live
1989 Various Artists In Goth Daze Compilation