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Hazel Eyes The TV

British-born singer / songwriter / actress Hazel O'Connor made her breakthrough role as Kate in the hit 1980 film Breaking Glass, which also helped to kickstart her musical career. Down the years, she has been both a media sensation and a musician; indeed, Hazel has used the often-baffling complexities

She’s In Love With The Rock ‘n Roll World!

Janie Jones gained notoriety in the 1960s for a string of misdemeanours. She was also a singer and occasional recording artist, gaining a cult following amongst members of bands like The Clash and, much later, Babyshambles. Written by her husband John Christian Dee, her song ‘Witch In White’ was unreleased at the

Skating On Hate

Celebrating a new range of Converse shoes branded by professional skateboarder Mike Anderson’s, ‘Middle Earth’ is a short video featuring skateboarding legends such as Eddie Cernicky, Brad Cromer, Frank Gerwer and Zered Bassett. One of the songs heard in the film is ‘Bought & Sold’ by 80s anarcho punk band Liberty, taken

Let It Bleed

To any fan of American indie and alt. rock, Dinosaur Jr need no introduction. From their roots on labels like SST in the 80s to mainstream success with Warners in the 1990s, J Mascis & Co. have been hugely influential. The band’s arguably most popular single ‘Feel The Pain’ has been used in the new

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Etam

Issued in late 1981, 'Cambodia' was the fourth single by Kim Wilde, who was one of Britain's biggest pop stars that year. The record reached No. 12 in the UK charts, but reached the top spot in France, and has enjoyed an enduring legacy as a fan favourite ever

Dreamy Sample!

German electronic masters Tangerine Dream, founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese, are considered one of the pioneering electronica acts. They helped to develop the musical scene known as “kosmische” (cosmic), enjoyed a successful career composing film soundtracks such as Sorcerer (1979) and influenced everyone from Steven Wilson to Kasabian, including the makers of Netflix show Stranger Things, who licensed

Murder On The French Riviera

Mark Wirtz was a French pop music record producer / composer / singer / musician who enjoyed success both in the UK and the US. He might be best-known for his never-completed late 60s A Teenage Opera concept album, a project he devised while working

Goodbye Yellow Rid Road

New BBC One period drama Ridley Road, based on Jo Bloom’s novel of the same name, is set in the Swinging Sixties. A soundtrack of songs from the period help form the backdrop to the series, which follows Agnes O’Casey as lead character Vivien Epstein, a young

Kim Still Bossing It!

Back in 1981, 'Kids In America' launched budding young singer Kim Wilde onto the world stage. A hit around the globe, the song boasted an irresistible mix of Blondie-styled new wave energy and catchy lyrics, which has endured to this day - which helps explain the ongoing demand for the

Mo-Dettes of The Revolution

Mo-dettes were an all-female post-punk band, formed in 1979 by guitarist Kate Korris (an original member of The Slits and brief member of The Raincoats), bassist Jane Crockford, vocalist Ramona Carlier and drummer June Miles-Kingston. Their best-known song is the lo-fi ditty ‘White Mice’, used recently in Mothers Of The Revolution; a feature-length