Tracks – 70s Punk & New Wave

Year Of Release Artist Song title
1979 48 Hours Back To Ireland
1979 999 Found Out Too Late
1978 Alternative TV Action Time Vision
1977 Alternative TV How Much Longer
1978 Alternative TV Life
1977 Alternative TV Life After Life
1979 Alternative TV The Force Is Blind
1978 Attrix Hard Times
1979 Bill Nelson’s Red Noise Furniture Music
1979 Bill Nelson’s Red Noise Revolt Into Style
1978 Blue Steam Lizard King
1979 Bram Tchaikovsky Goodnight Ladies (Lullaby Of Broadway)
1978 Bram Tchaikovsky Sarah Smiles
1977 Boys I Don’t Care
1979 Boys Kamikaze
1977 Boys First Time (Extended Version)
1978 Bullets Girl On Page 3
1977 Carpettes How About Me And You
1978 Carpettes Small Wonder?
1979 Cheetahs Radio-Active
1979 Chris Sievey Baiser
1979 Clive Culbertson Time To Kill
1978 Cobra Looking For A Lady
1979 Cockney Rejects Flares ‘N’ Slippers
1979 Cramp She Doesn’t Love Me
1978 D.A. Band I Like It
1979 Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles
1978 Demon Preacher Little Miss Perfect
1977 Doctors Of Madness Bulletin
1979 Dodgems Science Fiction (Baby You’re So)
1977 Drones Just Want To Be Myself
1977 Drones Temptation Of A White Collar Worker EP
1978 Eater Get Your Yo Yo’s Out EP *
1977 Eater Lock It Up *
1977 Eater Outside View *
1977 Eater Thinking Of The USA *
1978 Eater What She Wants She Needs *
1978 Electric Chairs Eddie And Sheena
1977 Electric Chairs F*** Off
1979 Electric Chairs So Many Ways
1979 English Subtitles Time Tunnel
1978 Europeans Europeans
1979 Executives Shy Little Girl
1979 Faders Cheatin’
1978 Freshies Baiser
1979 Freshies Amoco Cadiz
1979 Freshies Johnny Radar
1980 Freshies My Tape’s Gone
1980 Freshies Yellow Spot
1980 Freshies Oh Girl
1980 Freshies I’m In Love With The Girl On The Manchester Virgin Megastore Checkout Desk
1981 Freshies We’re Like… You
1981 Freshies Wrap Up The Rockets
1981 Freshies I Can’t Get “Bouncing Babies” By The Teardrop Explodes
1981 Freshies Dancin’ Doctors
1978 Garbo’s Celluloid Heroes Only Death Is Fatal
1979 Hollywood Brats Sick On You
1979 Hollywood Brats Then He Kissed Me
1979 Joe Public Hotel Rooms
1978 John the Postman’s Psychedelic Rock ‘N’ Roll 5 Skinners Steppin’ Out (Of Holts Brewery) EP
1979 Jonnie & The Lubes I Got Rabies
1979 Lenny And The Lawbreakers Me And Bobby McGee
1978 Leyton Buzzards 19 And Mad
1979 London Zoo Receiving End
1977 Maniacs Chelsea 1977
1978 Menace GLC
1979 Menace Last Years Youth
1979 Misspent Youth Betcha Won’t Dance
1979 Molesters Disco Love
1979 Molesters The End Of Civilisation
1979 Murder The Disturbed Genetic Disruption EP
1979 Nicky And The Dots Never Been So Stuck
1979 Nightshift Jet-Set
1978 Nightshift Love Is Blind
1978 No Sweat Start All Over Again
1979 Notsensibles Death To Disco
1979 Numbers Alternative Suicide
1977 O-Level East Sheen
1978 O-Level We Love Malcolm EP
1978 Outcasts Frustration *
1978 Outcasts Just Another Teenage Rebel *
1979 Outcasts Self Conscious Over You *
1977 Outsiders One To Infinity
1979 Patrik Fitzgerald All Sewn Up
1978 Patrik Fitzgerald Back Street Boys EP
1979 Patrik Fitzgerald Improve Myself
1977 Patrik Fitzgerald Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart EP
1979 Patrik Fitzgerald The Paranoid Ward EP
1978 Pleasers The Kids Are Alright
1978 Pleasers You Don’t Know
1977 Pleasers You Know What I’m Thinking Girl
1977 Pleasers (You Keep On Tellin’ Me) Lies
1979 Pretty Boy Floyd And The Gems Sharon
1978 Pretty Boy Floyd And The Gems Spread The Word Around
1979 Private Dicks She Said Go
1979 Proles Soft Ground
1977 Puncture Mucky Pup
1979 Pure Hell These Boots Are Made For Walking
1977 P.V.C. 2 Put You In The Picture
1978 Questions Can’t Get Over You
1978 Questions Some Other Guy
1978 Rowdies A.C.A.B.
1979 Ruts In A Rut
1979 Sabotage When The War Is Over
1978 Shooter Fool In Love
1978 Shooter Moneymaker
1978 Social Security I Don’t Want My Heart To Rule My Head
1979 Staa Marx Crazy Weekend *
1979 Staa Marx P.V.S. (Pleasant Valley Sunday)
1978 Teardrops Leave Me No Choice
1979 Teardrops Seeing Double
1979 Teenbeats I Can’t Control Myself
1979 Teenbeats Strength Of The Nation
1978 Tights Bad Hearts *
1978 Tights Howard Hughes
1978 Time Machine Never Met Suzi
1976 Tyla Gang Styrofoam
1977 Tyla Gang Suicide Jockey
1977 Tyla Gang Dust On The Needle
1978 Tyla Gang Tropical Love
1978 Users Kicks In Style
2017 Users Now That It’s Over
1977 Users Sick Of You
1978 V2 Speed Freak
1977 Valves Robot Love
1977 Valves Tarzan Of The Kings Road
1979 V.I.P.’s Just Can’t Let You Go
1979 Wall Kiss The Mirror
1979 Wall New Way
1978 V.I.P.’s Music For Funsters EP
1979 Wayne County & Electric Chairs Berlin
1978 Wayne County & Electric Chairs F***k Off
1978 Wayne County & Electric Chairs I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
1978 Wayne County & Electric Chairs Trying To Get On The Radio
1979 X-Certs Blue Movies
1979 Yobs Rub-A-Dum-Dum
1977 Zeros Hungry
1979 Zipps Friends
1978 Zones Stuck With You